Can You Prove God Exists - One Million Dollars says you Can't

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If you can prove that God exists, you can collect one million dollars.

That challenge is posted on the Think and Reason website located at If you can prove that God exists, you can win a cool million doillars! It is just that simple. Of course there are a few guidelines that must be followed. They include the fact that pictures or film are not admissible since they can be altered. And all miracles, healings, visitations, etc. must be performed in the presence of the prize coordinators who will use a double blind test to verify any claims of authenticity.

Vashek Pokorny, the website administrator, is the protagonist behind this. “It seems a bit strange that most people completely accept writings from thousands of years ago without even remotely questioning their validity.” he said. “I don’t expect people to become atheists. I just want them to start thinking and asking questions, instead of using blind obedience or faith. It just amazes me how people stop thinking when it comes to religion. They accept everything no matter how archaic or dumb it appears to be.”

Everyone is free to apply regardless of your faith. Televangelists with a bad reputation are not welcome according to the website. “They earn enough scamming the unsuspecting.” Pokorny says. “We do not want to waste our time with known frauds and pension stealers. But anyone else is more than welcome to apply and we look forward to giving the money away.” So, are you up to the challenge? Can you really prove that God exists?


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