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Link article exchange, better than simple link exchange, creates relevancy even between dissimilar topics as latest link exchange mechanism to advance search engine page rank and positioning.

Link article exchange surpasses link exchange and all other techniques attempting to generate relevancy for search engine algorithms. Link article exchange significantly beats simple link exchange. Link article exchange clobbers the prevalent link exchange practice of linking totally dissimilar web sites. Link article exchange is a methodology that forces relevancy by relating the unrelated, while adding content-rich articles for Page Rank enhancement.

Individual and corporate web site owners compete for the same goal of high page positioning in the search engines. Internet marketers aim for listing placement on the first two or three pages in an organic search for any primary keyword. Savvy webmasters recognize more is necessary than search engine optimization of web pages or link exchange. Some exchange links, and some write articles. But combining both links and articles Link article exchange is natural progression to the ultimate.

Link exchange developed as a means of satisfying Google’s thirst for content and relevancy. However, webmasters soon learned the search engine bots could be hoodwinked by linking sites with absolutely no relevance – just agreement between two sites to exchange links, whether relevant or not. Web rings, link farms and link exchange clubs were started to fool the bots. But Google has now caught on to “link-exchange-spam,” and some sites are already experiencing penalty. Linking the unrelated is contradictory to relevancy. Google has led the Internet Search Engine World to the concept of “relevance,” and irrelevant link swaps violate the foundational principle.

Yet, some kind of link exchange is so important that many webmasters spend most of their ranking efforts sending email requests for link swaps or subscribing to link exchange services. But some webmasters are discovering a diminishing return on time expenditure as the link exchange marketplace grows. Many webmasters don’t link correctly. Some place exchange links more than two clicks away from the home page. Some put hundreds of links on a single page. Some contrive ingenious ways to dilute return ranking value. If you go to the effort of finding a link exchange partner, but you get no exchange value in return, you encounter a frustrating problem beyond your control. Link article exchange in a controlled environment is the solution to the limitations of simple link exchange. is currently launching to fill these needs. (1) helps webmasters cross-link with relevance, even between dissimilar sites, through the innovative vehicle of an “Article Title.” (2) And, as a Membership Co-op, establishes a standard for effectively cross-linking with relevancy, and, equally-important, monitors compliance.

Link exchange raises Link Popularity, Link Reputation and Page Rank. promotes compliance in relevancy by offering Co-op Members the opportunity (1) to exchange links with even unrelated sites, and (2) to add content-rich articles that consolidate even unrelated topics under the umbrella of an “Article Title.” (3) Additionally, the Co-op recommends a method for positioning links that enhances linking value returned to each site. gains time and efficiency in the crucial link and article exchange process for effectively obtaining maximum Page Rank, a significant step beyond simple link exchange.

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