A Message from God Rocks the Foundation of Organized Religion

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The article entitled Â?Buddha Never Bowed Before a Statue and Jesus Never Kneeled Before a CrossÂ? by Barbara Rose published in the February 2005 issue of Sedona Journal Emergence rocks the foundation of organized religion.

The article entitled “Buddha Never Bowed Before a Statue and Jesus Never Kneeled Before a Cross” by Barbara Rose published in the February 2005 issue of Sedona Journal Emergence rocks the foundation of organized religion.

The premise of the article, written “through” Rose from Divine Source, states the fact that Jesus was a man that attained enlightenment, and was murdered for bringing humanity the messages he received. The article further states that Jesus Christ never belonged to a church. In addition, Buddha was a man that attained enlightenment, and never asked people to create man-made statues to bow in his image.

The article addresses the issue: “It is all of the OTHER rules and regulations that ostracize others if they do not 'follow' the 'rules' that were made by PEOPLE and not by the one whose teachings they are following to begin with.”

Through this article, there is an underlying theme that asks humanity to “re-organize” religion by stating: “So many religious organizations have great plans to build large structures for worshipping before statues, and yet are they really doing anything to help the little ones in dire need? This is where the “organized” part of religion needs to be re-organized. There must be a budget to help the children that are sick, hungry and homeless, BEFORE the money is spent on more statues, decorations, and items to create a structure of worship.”

With respect to all of the organized religions on Earth, the article addresses a quote from the book “If God Was Like Man: A Message from God to All of Humanity” also written "through" Rose from Divine Source that states: “I would venture to say that your organized religions are causing much discord and disorganization among your people. That seems to be an understatement. So many millennia have passed, and humanity is STILL fighting over religion. Who exactly crated the Vows that so many people take? Did Jesus create them? No. Did Buddha create them? No. So it was man that created them, along with the statues.”

It is evident throughout the article that the discord among humanity where fighting and murdering in the name of “God” as well as the tumultuous conditions that plague humanity in the name of organized religion needs a complete overhaul. This is clearly addressed where it states: “Take this message and create a NEW way – humanity for humanity. Uplift others lives rather than try to be or create a follower. Live the messages from your heart – there is no need to bow before anything that the ascended masters never bowed before. That was all created by man AFTER they passed over.

Realize that you are a spark of the same Divine essence as those you worship. Live their messages, and become yet another example of spiritual enlightenment. It only requires your heart – that is where your essence dwells. Use your mind to co-crate, and do so with love, pure motives, and positive actions. You will then be living the messages. No statues are required.”

The article predicts that “there will certainly be controversy over this article, because it takes down the rigid structures and places all beings as equal, all as one, and all connected to Divine Source.”

It is evident that the message in this article seeks to create peace among humanity, while it rocks the foundation of organized religion than has caused more bloodshed than any other man-made motive throughout human history. Furthermore, it is apparent that if this article is taken to heart among religious leaders, organized religion will certainly be forced to create the complete overhaul that is direly needed in order for peace to prevail.


Barbara Rose

The Rose Group


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