AltiPower Helps You Reach Your Personal Best: Aerobic Fitness Improves Quickly Even Without Exercise

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PeakXL Products and BioMedTech Australia are pleased to announce that PeakXL Products is now distributing AltiPower Personal Hypoxicators in North America. These innovative devices are the next advance in altitude training, a method which has helped some of the worldÂ?s best athletes to win races and make increases in personal bests without taking drugs.

Scientists have been working for decades to understand why people living and training at higher altitudes tend to perform better than athletes who do not. The answer is clear, the body’s ability to use oxygen is improved after it adapts to high altitudes.

Many athletes spend many weeks a year at high altitude training camps, or even sleep in special altitude training tents costing as much as $10,000, trying to obtain the benefits of this quirk of nature.

AltiPower Brings Altitude Training to Your Living Room

AltiPower provides all of the benefits of altitude training, but from the comfort of your home. Weighing in at about five pounds, with no noise, moving parts or electrical connection, it can be used easily by anyone and is typically used while relaxing in a chair, reading a book or watching television.

There are many benefits to altitude training, including the following:

•    The body’s ability to use oxygen is enhanced through an increase in hemoglobin

•    There is an increase in lung capacity

•    The immune system is improved

•    There is a decrease in time needed to recover between workouts

•    There is a decrease in tiredness

There are many other benefits as well, but a key advantage of this training is that these improvements in health and performance are not a side effect of drugs. For athletes at any level looking to enhance performance without risking damage to their bodies or their reputations, altitude training works by breathing air, and the benefits are well documented.

Why Use AltiPower

Altitude training used to be the domain of the rich and elite athletes, and those who were lucky enough to be born or live near mountains. Cyclists regularly live and train in the Pyrenees Mountains for weeks in the spring to prepare their aerobic systems for the rigors of racing. Mountain climbers spend weeks of their vacation time adapting to altitude prior to climbing big mountains, and while many skiers do no altitude training before hitting the slopes, they do go through the first few days on the high slopes with headaches or even illness until their body adapts. Those who do not adapt properly prior to risky adventures are susceptible to illness and injury, even death.

AltiPower is a cost effective way to improve aerobic fitness for those athletes who want to improve their performance, or reduce their time ‘waiting’ on a mountain side, or seeking to prevent mountain sickness while they are on ski vacation.    It can also be used by the general public to improve cardiovascular fitness if you don’t want to, or maybe can’t spend so much time on exercise machines.

The AltiPower Personal Hypoxicator is an innovative new device which allows individuals to improve their aerobic fitness from home at a low cost. It is ideal for athletes who are looking to improve their performance, increase their immune system, or reduce their recover time between workouts; it is helpful for the traveler who is looking to prepare for altitude or improve their immune system; and it is appealing to those looking to improve wellness without drugs.

AltiPower Packaging

The AltiPower machine is sold in two configurations, the AltiPower Pro which retails for U$1299 and the AltiPower Advanced which retails for U$999. The product is available online at the PeakXL website, and through a select list of retailers.

Find Out More

To find out more about the AltiPower, please contact PeakXL. Contact information is provided below. Editors, product graphics are available on request.

PeakXL Products

PeakXL Products is a company which sells innovative products to improve the fitness and performance of athletes . . . “stuff to make athletes better”. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company is run by a group of exercise physiologists and business people with a long history of helping athletes improve. To find out more about PeakXL, you can call or visit them on their website.

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BioMedTech Australia

BioMedTech is the manufacturer of the AltiPower system and has been developing altitude training systems for 6 years. Their GO2Altitude Hypoxicator has had great success in the clinical and training environments.

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