Get Above the Noise in Your Public Relations: ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software Creates Sizzling Headlines & Copy

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Crafting Eye-catching Headlines and enticing copy is easier than ever with ThoughtOffice's updated PR-Pro Creativity and Writing Software. And now PRWeb will match contributions for the first press release to ensure top position and advanced Search Engine positioning and listing of your message.

After four years of development and refinements, ThoughtOffice™ and PRWeb™ release their integrated media and press release solution to the public. PR Professional creates dramatic headlines and can increase pick-up and republishing rates by over 50%.

"Getting your press release on the web is a cinch. Creating winning PR that gets read, distributed and picked up by periodicals, newspapers and top-flight search engines is quite another" says Mark Alan Effinger, ThoughtOffice founder. "Press releases are the most effective, least expensive form of promotion ever devised... if you craft it right. Do it wrong, and it can can taint your product and company. We've done both, and truly perfected the former. ThoughtOffice PR Professional Software is the resulting solution."

PR-Professional Public Relations Writing Software is a ThoughtOffice business brainstorming software product developed in collaboration with RichContent and PRWeb. The three companies lend a cooperative perspective on the model and industry, and the resulting software, templates and teaching documents provides a comprehensive product that solves large problems for companies and individuals leveraging their stories to the press.

"We've put many thousands of man hours into this product, and it shows in the exhaustive nature of the Expert Topics engine, and in the creative responses developed with the ThoughtOffice application," comments David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice Corporation. "By the time you've run your ideas through ThoughtOffice Public Relations Writing software, you'll have created a fully developed concept with a much larger impact than the simple linear process most agencies use... that type of product lacks the energy, excitement and media interest that makes great PR really work for a firm".

Public Relations Writing Software takes over 1200 focused questions, and combines them into a software application with 9,523,680 words, phrases and images in a unique database program. By typing in a word or phrase, brainstorming immediately begins to spark new lines of thinking resulting in creative headlines and copy. All of your responses are clicked into your PR "Session" for future reference. The Expert Topics™ Modules prompt the user with 300 to 1200 questions that clarify critical points of the product, service, process and market, helping companies better refine their message and unique selling proposition.

"The unique selling proposition and editorial value are missing in many of the press releases to which we've been exposed," comments David McInnis, CEO of PRWeb, the Free Press Release Newswire service. "We receive about 8 million page views a month, and many thousands of press releases. Overall people are missing the key points to crafting their media product. Now that we are participating in the Inktomi trusted feed program, it's absolutely critical that a company's news release be high quality, or they will lose credibility, reducing their chances of being republished by magazines, web sites and newspapers.

ThoughtOffice Public Relations Writing Software (PR-Pro) provides a great solution for improving the quality of the end product. This can mean the difference between a few thousand and a hundred thousand press release views."

ThoughtOffice PR-Professional writing software was developed by public relations professionals in eight countries, using the same technology to craft popular programs for Trikke™ scooters, QuickyMart™ e-commerce software, LaserVision laser projectors, eAgency wireless insurance solutions, TechCoast™ incubators and over 500 additional products and services.

The program's exclusive release is through a joint venture program developed by ExitPath and PRWeb, and supported by RichContent. The MSRP is $299, with a limited-time special price of $149. PR-Pro includes ThoughtOffice v1.5.0, with the addition of the Expert PR Module, Expert Marketing Module, Expert Advertiser, Expert Evaluator Module, Expert Writer Module and Expert Speaker Module. In addition, there are sample press releases that have garnered international press, a PR outline (to describe the necessary ingredients in a press packet and release schedule), and a press program outline for professional PR people who might benefit from a presentation template.

Finally, the PR-Pro package comes with a free "50% Matching-Upgrade" from PRWeb. PR|Pro __title__ PR-Pro users will receive a dollar for dollar matching credit to upgrade their first press release distribution.

About PRWeb
PRWeb is one of the largest online press release distribution engines. Founded in 1997 by David McInnis, the company offers free press release distribution services supported by the voluntary financial contributions of its users, providing an equitable scale to allow all organizations access to the same tools and distribution that have historically been available only to larger companies. The company enjoys about six million page views monthly, and continues to grow at a rapid rate. The company can be reached at

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice is a technology and creativity and brainstorming software company located in Blaine, Washington. It is known for "productizing" people and technologies quickly and affordably, with an emphasis on high-velocity time-to-market and time-to-money programs. Responsible for launching Time Magazine's most popular product of 2003, the Trikke cambering scooter, ExitPath has also developed and launched over three dozen additional products and services since 1999. The company can be reached at 360-450-6888 or

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