Extreme Spam Filtering – When Filters and Blacklists Are Not Enough.

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Protect Multiple POP, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or IMAP E-mail Accounts from Spammers with 0Spam.com. Compatible with all E-mail clients and operating systems.

0Spam.com, a free anti-spam service, announces its new wave of features, tools, downloads, translations, and other major service improvements. By providing a smart and efficient anti-spam solution simple enough for home users and powerful enough for business users, 0Spam.com has grown its user base in the past 18 months to include thousands of satisfied users who are spared from millions of spams each month.

0Spam.com uses a CAPTCHA as a test to determine spam messages apart from legitimate E-mail. All mail is assumed spam unless determined otherwise by a series of user-defined whitelists, various global whitelist filters, and IP address checks. Messages that pass any of the whitelists are allowed to remain in the user’s inbox. Unauthorized messages require the sender to verify their E-mail address only once to show that their message is legitimate. Many users claim a 100% spam blocking accuracy rate.

Major features added since August 2003 include support for Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and IMAP accounts; support for blind users; a whitelist specially designed for mailing lists and newsletters; homepage translations into Dutch, Spanish, and French; a virtual mail server which removes spam seconds before the user checks their E-mail; the ability for users to check their E-mail and view their Junk Mail folder at the same time, and more than twenty verification translations are now available including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Estonian.

0Spam.com Express, a downloadable add-on for Windows, makes it easy for new users to setup their account by automatically importing their E-mail account settings and address book into the 0Spam.com interface. Once installed, 0Spam.com Express sleeps in the Task Bar and intercepts spam between the user’s mail server and inbox, before the E-mail client has a chance to download it. A new site has been setup exclusively for 0Spam.com Express at http://www.0spamexpress.com.

Users may now take advantage of a new feature called Smart Language Detection which tells the 0Spam.com software to detect which language an E-mail was written in and sends back a verification message in the appropriate language. This is a key feature of the service which 0Spam.com has worked hard to make sure works properly. Planned upcoming features include a multi-dimensional DNS blacklist spam detection method and a smart mailing list detection algorithm.

In December 2003 0Spam.com has been accredited by the blind community to be the first anti-spam service that allows blind users to “see” the CAPTCHA number, used by many online services as a way of separating humans from computers or spammers. Here is how it works: the blind user is sent a verification message instructing them to visit the URL containing the image with distorted numbers. On that page there is an invisible hyperlink that only blind people can read with a screen reading program. The user clicks the link, enters their E-mail address, and the verification code is sent to them, which they can then enter into the first page containing the distorted image. Thanks to Grant Hardy of ACB Radio, for contributing his 28 minute review of 0Spam.com and how blind users can see the distorted verification code and protect their E-mail accounts from spam.

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