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Nutraceutical giant challenges pharmaceutical Industry.

The Evolution of Marketing

(How TV & Radio commercials Are Changing The Dynamics Of Networking) All things evolve: (within their own species) animals, humans, the land, beliefs... And even companies and business models! It is simply the way things work if they are to survive. When something can't adapt to the rest of the world's evolutionary process, it becomes extinct. This is as true for network marketing as it was for the saber-toothed cats.

There are many problems with the status quo of marketing organizations. One of those problems is that these organizations put too much emphasis on motivating their affiliates to sell. Why is this a problem? Because 95% of those who become involved in network marketing can't sell to save their lives. It's not their fault. Most people can't sell, no matter how much they want to. Yet network marketing organizations expect them to do nothing but sell.

Another problem with network marketing is that it ignores the most powerful marketing arena on the planet: the media. Even if affiliates wanted to advertise on television or the radio, or send out professional direct marketing mailers, they don't have the means to do it. Most affiliates are barely making enough to break even, if that. They don't have the money to engage in the one marketing strategy that could actually bring them a strong customer base.

So will these marketing organizations continue on as they are, refusing to adapt to their surroundings? One progressive marketing organization has already chosen to evolve, guaranteeing itself the highest seat in the food chain. That company is TRIM International, Inc.

Trim is a unique media driven product distribution company that has combined relationship marketing and media exposure to create what they call "integrated marketing." Since most of the sales are done thru the media by spreading the word about their products through high-energy television & radio commercials, Internet business building tactics and direct marketing campaigns, each affiliate has the opportunity to gain a large database of customers. With the media helping to build the customer base, the affiliate can focus on referring business partners and building relationships.

Trim has adapted its business strategy to fit the needs of 21st century affiliates and consumers, which should ensure them being around for a long time to come. If there is any one network marketing organization to become involved with, Trim is it.

Want To Join Trim? Earn a weekly paycheck and a substantial residual income? From the comfort of your home, you can now utilize the same methods fortune 500 companies use to build a HUGE customer base.

For more information, visit or contact: David Riebe or call: 970-227-1623


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