The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us by Martha Stout

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Sociopaths and Pyschopaths We Run Into in Every Day Life

We live in a dangerous world, threatened by international terrorists, corrupt politicians, unethical corporate executives, and street criminals. But there's another type of dangerous person who often goes unnoticed—the sociopath next door. According to the latest research, four percent of the population has an antisocial personality disorder, leaving them with no conscience, no sense of guilt or shame. They could be the people we encounter daily in our neighborhood, school, workplace, or even in our family.

The Sociopath Next Door is the first book to take a hard look at the sociopaths in everyday life. Martha Stout, a practicing psychotherapist and Harvard Medical School instructor, explains that these people learn early on to show sham emotion, but underneath live only to dominate others and win. The fact is, statistically, we each know at least one sociopath, and readers will have an "a-ha!" moment of recognizing that someone they know—someone they worked for, or were involved with—is a sociopath. Unfortunately, one of the chief characteristics of a sociopath is a kind of glow or charisma that makes them more charming or interesting than other people. They are more spontaneous, more intense, complex, or even sexier than everyone else, making them tricky to identify and leaving us easily seduced. But The Sociopath Next Door teaches us to recognize the ruthless among us.

Filled with vivid case studies from contemporary life, the book helps us understand where so much of the cruelty and suffering in our world comes from, and reaches out with sympathy and constructive advice to victims of the tyrants, powerful and petty, who haunt our lives.Ultimately, The Sociopath Next Door gives a sense of satisfaction from knowing that, in the end, the ninety-six percent of us who have a conscience are happier than the sociopaths, for it is our intimate connections with others, through feelings of obligation, friendship, and love, that are fundamental to a life well lived.

Evil Stepmother is a Black Widow Serial Killer. This is not a Cinderella story. The evil stepmother is this author’s very own stepmother.

"No Greater Deception: A True Texas Story" by Sydney Newman Dotson is the #1 true crime biography, true crime autobiography, women outlaws and criminal memoirs book on all the Top 10 Bestseller Lists today. The author exposes her evil stepmother and her father’s connections with George Bush, JFK, LBJ and Joe Bonanno the New York Mafia Kingpin.

"My phone hasn't stopped ringing off the hook since my book was announced," says Sydney, an IBM corporate spy turned CSI Identity Theft Detective. "This is an evil stepmother story, not a Cinderella story. And, the evil stepmother is my very own stepmother who forged several family members wills, and is suspected of their murders in the first book of my trilogy and family saga."

"No Greater Deception is definitely an outrageous story, but horribly true. Identity theft of the dead is a gruesome crime. Deceased victims of identity theft cannot come back from the dead to defend themselves. It leaves the victims' children to seek justice on their deceased relatives' behalf."

"My father thought he had his affairs in order before he died at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston while being treated for leukemia. He made a will, told us about it, and warned us that his wife, our evil stepmother, would try to destroy it and gain the entire estate for herself. My sisters and I weren't prepared to deal with all of the forgeries and murders we discovered."

"She not only forged my father's will in 2000, but she previously forged her own father's and only brother's wills to make herself their sole beneficiary and gain their estates. She went on to forge my father's insurance policies, pension plan, and beneficiary change forms to all of his assets. There is no end to her madness."

"She had a brilliant scheme. She opened a number of bank accounts in my father's name in neighboring towns. She wrote numerous checks over a period of four years by signing or forging my father's name. The cancelled checks and bank statements were mailed to numerous post office boxes that I'm sure my father wasn't aware of when he was alive."

"When she produced the forged checks in court to prove the forged signature on the checks matched the forged signature on the forged will, that's when we nabbed her. Several grocery store clerks had circled her name on the checks as the person who signed my father's name."

"Locating my father’s hidden assets was not a small task. He stashed money and assets in safe deposit boxes under numerous assumed names or company names in multiple states including Arizona, Texas and Louisiana."

There author is offering a $50,000 Reward to anyone who locates her father's real will, or the names of the attorneys that executed it at the family ranch in East Texas near Longview and Marshall, Texas.

On The Cover

"It's a real life Texas Soap Opera of Love, Death, Betrayal and Justice. Move over Dallas, here comes Houston," says Liz Carpenter, author and press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson.

Sydney and her sister Heather will take you through their gut wrenching, nerve racking, emotional roller coaster ride that occurs after their father dies and their stepmother produces a suspicious Last Will and Testament that leaves the stepmother everything.

Once considered a normal, upstanding, law abiding, financially distressed family, they learn their family’s friends make them anything but normal.

Was it normal for Heather to go swimming in Lady Bird Johnson’s pool? Was it normal for Joe Bonanno to show up at their home? Just how involved was their father in the gambling and prostitution rings along the Galveston Bay? How was he able to buy all the land and mineral rights that he owned? Were his connections to George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird and Joe Bonanno much deeper than they seemed? Was he truly involved in the JFK assassination?

What they learn about their stepmother Betty is even more devastating. How did the town whore come to marry their father the Police Chief? Did she kill her only brother and forge her own father’s Will too? Just how many accomplices does she have? Are some of them their own brothers and sisters? What the two sisters’ forensic document expert, Mrs. Higgins, discovers will send chills up and down your spine. Their stepmother may be a black widow serial killer, and their lives are in danger. "No Greater Deception: A True Texas Story" is available on over 150 websites in 40 countries today, including and Barnes &

For more information about this shocking true story, go to:, and
What you wear can change your life

As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show today, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are fashion journalists and the hosts of the BBC series What Not to Wear.

From the What not toe wear book cover: Best Friends Won't Tell You The Truth. But Trinny & Susannah Aren't Your Best Friends.

"Blondes and shiny fabric equals hooker."

"The top is a disaster. Unless you're four years old."

"No one looks good in a track suit-not even Madonna or J-Lo."

"Cropped pants make any woman look like a stunted man."

Looking Good has Nothing to do with Fassion Trends. It's all about what not to wear. "We're not shy of making criticisms," says Susannah. "But we wouldn't say, 'You've got a great fat butt-end of story.'" What Not to Wear is a book of hands-on advice and straight-talking guidance that is all about personal style-dressing for your body shape and personality. So what's your problem?

  • Big Boobs
  • No Boobs
  • Big Arms
  • Big Butt
  • No Waist
  • Short Legs
  • Flabby Tummy
  • Saddlebags
  • Short Neck
  • Thick Legs

Trinny & Susannah will tell you what to toss, what to buy, where to find it, and how to wear it.

Topics covered in their newest book What you wear can cahnge your life include:

  • Defining the Shape
  • Underwear
  • How to Wear Color
  • What to Keep, What to Toss
  • Accessories
  • Storage
  • Make-up
  • Travel

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