The Natural Healthy Choice Non-Allergenic Natural Wool Duvets by House of Beaufort

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House of BeauFort duvets / comforters / blankets are manufactured by Sneeuberg in South Africa. Our product is made from 100% pure wool filling and 100% pure cotton casing.

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Sneeuberg is based in the Great Karoo a region in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and gets its name from the nearby Sneeuberg Mountain Range. The name 'Sneeuberg' means 'Snow Mountains'. The arid Karoo is home to wool-producing sheep which thrive in the sweltering heat of the summer and the zero temperatures of the cold winters.


Wool is one of the world's most wonderful renewable resources and has qualities that no other fiber on earth can match. Wool is hypo-allergenic, naturally resistant to dust mites, naturally fire resistant, remarkably durable, and a renewable resource. Furthermore, because wool absorbs body moisture very effectively, wool duvets have an all seasons rating.

Wool's properties cannot be matched by any other fiber, natural or man-made. Strong and durable yet remarkably lightweight, highly absorbent yet able to breath, wool is able to stay comfortably warm during cold winter and warm summer nights. Cozy and light, a wool duvet does not lie heavily on sleeper like blankets.

Health and Safety

Wool is naturally resistant to high flames - It will not melt nor sustain a flame without an external source of fuel. It burns cold and does not give off any toxins. The low inflammability of wool is due to its high nitrogen and oxygen ratio. When great heat is applied to wool, it will smolder but does not burn readily. As opposed to down or synthetic duvets, wool duvets offer the benefit of a greater level of safety for individuals in the event of a fire. Wool is widely recognized as the least flammable fabric in common use. Wool bedding is by far the safest choice at home and in institutional environments such as hospitals, hotels and schools to guard against the danger of fire. Head to toe wool suits are worn by race car drivers for the most complete protection against intense fire.

Wool is resistant to odors and dirt - It repels spills and stains, making it easy to clean. Exposure to sun neutralizes while at the same time revitalizes the wool fiber. It is recommended that wool duvets are professionally dry cleaned for optimum care.

Wool is naturally non-allergenic - There is no known allergic reaction in people using wool duvets. Wool does not have the dander present on cats and dogs and will not sustain the survival of allergy-creating dust and microbes. Feathers and down are known allergens, which can cause reactions in people. Many people have reported a noticeable relief from allergic reactions after switching from feathers or down to wool. Sneeuberg wool is free of chemicals and bleaching. People who have had a past allergic reaction to wool, have reacted to the bleaching or the chemical process used in the more processed forms of wool products.

Wool is naturally resistant to mildew and allergy causing mold - Wool moves moisture out and away from you while holding moisture within itself, it will never mildew. This is an extremely important quality. Mold and mildew are considered one of the most detrimental irritants to the immune system.

Wool inhibits dust mites - It’s dry porous nature makes it a natural repellent to dust mites. Moisture in bedding provides a breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites are the leading cause of asthma and allergies in the bedroom.

Warmth and Comfort

Wool Batting Insulates - Wool creates millions of air pockets to trap warmth without sacrificing health and comfort and at the same time draw away excess heat and moisture released through your skin. This in turn supports your body's way of releasing toxins and creating optimal balance while asleep.

Wool batting is lightweight - Wool duvets are light in weight and thus do not lie heavily on the sleeper.

Wool keeps you dry - Research shows that wool can absorb up to 30% of its own mass in moisture without feeling damp, compared to a capacity of only 2% of many other fibers. When moisture is allowed to escape so that the skin and the fabric next to the skin remain dry, then comfort and warmth are enhanced. Much of the body's daily loss of water occurs during sleep which is the body’s way of cleaning itself every night. Many fabrics block this moisture causing a clammy and uncomfortable sleep. Wool will draw moisture away from the body, keeping a layer of insulating dry air next to the skin and a more comfortable sleep. The ability of wool to maintain comfortable humidity levels is one of its greatest assets.

Wool duvets maintain optimal temperature zone for your body - Unlike down, cotton and synthetic batting, wool is constantly monitoring and responding to your body temperature changes, always keeping you in the 'comfort zone'. Warm, but not too warm. Wool maintains the optimum body temperature of 33°C for cell rejuvenation and total comfort. Under wool the temperature deviation from this optimum is about zero, which infers that nothing can touch wool for comfort and health. You can refer to wool as the 'active fiber', because of its constant responsiveness to change.

'All Seasons' rating - Regardless of drastically changing external temperatures, a wool duvet will keep the temperature next to your body in the comfort zone. We've all experienced the way wool keeps us warm when its cold, but few of us have experienced the way wool buffers extreme heat. In the arid Karoo and desserts of Africa people wrap themselves in wool to shield them from extremely high temperatures.

Wool-filled bedding reduces the heart rate - Sleeping under wool maintains a lower heart rate 100% of the time. Under wool, the body movement is significantly lower, which infers a better sleep. Tests done at Polytechnic Institute in Wales included the monitoring of the heart rate of individuals under a comforter filled with cotton, down, synthetic batting and wool. The heart rate under the wool duvet was consistently lowered and maintained this lower rate. The other fibers tested had no effect or adversely affected the heart-rate. Therefore one can deduce that the wool-filled duvets induces a state of relaxation

High Quality

Wool retains its original resilience and thickness extremely well. It does not deteriorate and break down the way feathers and down do, requiring costly refills.

No lumping, bunching or shifting of the filling. A wool duvet will last a lifetime with proper care. Care needed is minimal as wool is very durable. Periodic airing and shaking of the duvet will keep it fresh as long as it is kept in a removable, washable cover. Exposure to sun neutralizes while at the same time revitalizes the wool fiber. With wool, there are no flying feathers as with down.

Handcrafted, quality workmanship means that Sneeuberg duvets are designed to last for years. The stitching that divides the duvet into walled pocket-shaped sections ensures that fibers are evenly distributed throughout the filling so that "cold-spots" are avoided. The filling is made from pure wool, which is painstakingly cleaned and checked to ensure that only the finest fibers are used. The tightly woven, superior quality pure cotton casing ensures that there is no migration of wool. A superb product, made from 100% all-natural fibers, it is shrink-resistant, springy and resistant to compression.


Wool will maintain a warm environment enabling you to lower the thermostat and save energy. Wool is a renewable resource as sheep grow a new crop of wool each year. It requires no factory to produce it and is a self-replenishing natural product.

The collection of wool is cruelty free. Wool is biodegradable. Wool can be recycled. Wool's durability is unsurpassed by other natural fibers, and if properly cared for, will last a lifetime thus saving the resources required to replace duvets.

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