Forced Sterilization (Tubal Ligation) Continues in the US - Fraudulent Practices are Inbred in the Consent Process

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It is believed that women in the US today, when having a tubal ligation, give consent to the surgery. When it is learned that information is withheld to women about side effects commonly known by the medical community as post tubal syndrome (PTS), it becomes evident and clear that consent is given under false pretenses.

There was a time in US history in which more then 30 states had implemented official policies in which forced sterilizations were routinely ordered and performed. In total, it is estimated that nearly 70,000 Americans were sterilized by "state order". This was done in the name of eugenics and population control, and the victims were nearly 100% women. Recently North Carolina made the declaration that the last of their eugenic programs were halted in 1974. Oregon reports that the last of their sterilization programs was discontinued in 1981. While state ran eugenic programs may have ended by the eighties, in the late seventies the US government implemented the USA MSSM 200 policy to control the world's population. Under this new federal policy, the common past procedure of not providing full information and true informed consent to women undergoing tubal ligation continued, and continues on to this day.

It is believed that women in the US today give consent when undergoing tubal ligation surgery. When it is learned that information is withheld about negative physical and hormonal side effects known by the medical community as post tubal syndrome (PTS) it becomes evident and clear that consent is given under false pretenses. "Withholding information constitutes forced (fraudulent) consent", explains Susan Bucher of the Coalition for Post Tubal Women (CPTwomen). "Women today when learning how they were forcibly sterilized by having information withheld to them do not always equate this to having been a victim of fraud or physical assaulted because they were not carried away forcibly to the operating table. Women in the US are lead to the operating table with a blindfold on. I myself became a victim of forced sterilization in 1995 when information was withheld from me."

Dr. Vicki Hufnagel, an OBGYN, was the first MD to come forth and fully expose and document the massive female surgical abuses in the United States. She worked with CA Senator Diane Watson (now Congresswoman Watson) to put in place the nation's first informed consent law, Senate Bill 835 (Informed Consent to Hysterectomy). She authored "Hysterectomies in the United States, 1965-1984, Vital & Health Statistics; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, December 1987" and provided testimony before the U.S. Congress. When the document was originally written it contained information about tubal ligation, post tubal syndrome, and how tubal ligations effected the rate of hysterectomies. The document was edited to not include information about tubal ligation. "I was told this information could not and would not be made public" explains Dr. Hufnagel. She went on to disclose information about negative effects of tubal ligation in her book, "No More Hysterectomies". In 1997 Dr. Hufnagel and Susan Bucher created the CPTwomen and provided the first web site that fully addresses the issues of post tubal syndrome and the continuing practice of forced sterilization. Prior to this there was NO information on the web about negative side effects of tubal ligation.

Books have been written and movies made that detail the abuses that occur to whistle-blowers. Examples include "The Insider" and "Karen Silkwood". Whistle blowers are often harassed, threatened, victimized, and fired from their employment. The abuses that Dr. Hufnagel has faced for blowing the whistle on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and her obgyn peers for their routine practice of performing unnecessary hysterectomies and withholding information regarding side effects of tubal ligation have been no different.

Today the CPTwomen receives thousands of reports monthly from women who were not informed of the risks of tubal ligation and reports of documents being presented for signature while women are in labor or surgery. One such account is what occurred to Barbara O, of Texas in 2003. "During my labor I was told I needed an emergency c-section, that we had to hurry and that I would be taken to the surgical room after I signed c-section release paperwork. The pace in the room immediately picked up. I was scared and on medication. The nurse came in and pointed to where I was to sign. I was not given time and was not in my right mind to review the documents that I was signing. Afterwards I learned that I signed an authorization for tubal ligation. Not only was I not informed about the risks of tubal ligation, I was not informed that I was consenting to or authorizing a tubal ligation".

"No one should be fooled by state propaganda that abusive sterilization programs ended in 1974 or 1981", says Bucher. "Fraudulent medical practices were born and evolved through the state ran eugenic programs which became inbred in the system. Forced sterilization continues in the US and will continue until proper laws are put in place to protect women at the time of consent."

Today a draft of an informed consent bill titled the "Modernization Act for Informed Consent for Tubal Ligation and Fallopian Tube Devices" is presented at along with an open letter to all lawmakers. The Coalition asks the public to contact their state representatives and request that they sponsor and endorse the bill and to contact California Governor Schwarzenegger to investigate the past abuses that Dr. Hufnagel has endured for whistle blowing.


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