Raleigh Breast Augmentation Specialist Sees Demand for Natural-Appearing Breast Augmentation

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Raleigh Breast Augmentation Specialist discusses Natural-appearing Breast Augmentation: The Importance of Breast Implant Size and Position

Raleigh Breast Augmentation Specialist discusses Natural-Appearing Breast Augmentation: The Importance of Breast Implant Size and Position. The two main factors that determine the appearance of the augmented breast are breast implant size and breast implant position. Choice of a breast implant size that exceeds the proportions of a woman’s body will result in a distinctly unnatural, or ‘done’, appearance. If the goal is to achieve an enhancement of the breast profile that appears natural and consistent with a patient's overall figure, then there truly is a very narrow range of implant sizes that will produce a natural, beautiful appearance. The concept that any woman can “go any size” is absolutely untrue; that is, if a patient seeking breast augmentation desires a result that is in harmony with her body as a whole.

The second critical factor is implant position. The natural, aesthetically-pleasing breast appears soft and supple, has a slight ‘droop’ to it (i.e. it doesn’t look ‘stuck on’ the chest), and is much fuller in its lower than in its upper half. In profile, the upper half should be a nearly straight, gentle slope to the nipple, and below the nipple full and curved going back to the chest wall. If the implant is not placed precisely (or is too large), then this appearance will not be achieved.

A very common error in implant position is placement that is too high on the chest. This results in breast that have much more volume above the nipple than below. This look appears very artificial and unnatractive. Ideally, the center of a breast implant should be positioned immediately behind the nipple. When implants are placed too high, the upper half of the breast is too full and is convex in profile, a distinctly unnatural appearance.

Another error is the placement of implants too far apart. Ideally, the lateral margin of the breast should project just beyond the lateral margin of the chest wall. This creates the upper half of the ‘hourglass figure’. The medial border of the breast should begin at or just medial to the edge of the sternum. If a pocket is not created appropriately, there will be a gaping space between the breasts that looks quite unnatural.

Not surprisingly, implants can also be positioned too close together. This too can create an unnatural or 'done' appearance.

There should be no visible scars as a result of breast augmenation surgery. In most cases a tiny incision around the aereola where there is a transition in color of the nipple skin to breast skin will fade so that it is vitrually imperceptable. In very dark skinned women, this scar could be visible, so a small scar in the underarm area or perhaps a small scar under the breast would be ideal.

Many women are happy to tell others that they have had breast augmentation surgery, but others want this decision to be private. Women with natural looking breast augmentation not only look beautiful and natural in clothing and swimsuits, but even out of clothing no one would know that a woman has had surgery to acheive a beatiful figure.

The goal of aesthetic plastic surgery today is to provide a natural, not "done" result. When performed expertly, friends and family of an aesthetic surgery patient will often comment that a patient looks great, but can't put their finger on what the change is. Good plastic surgery doesn't look like surgery, it just looks good.

Dr. Michael Law is the only solo practice plastic surgeon voted among the best in the Raleigh, NC area in 2003 and 2004. Patients from all parts of the country choose Dr. Law as their plastic surgeon to ensure beautiful natural looking results. Dr. Michael Law has moved his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice back to his hometown of Raleigh, NC. "I have always loved Raleigh" says Dr. Law, "now that I have a family of my own, I wanted them to be here. I want my sons to experience all the wonderful things I experienced growing up here. I miss my practice and patients from Beverly Hills, but it is wonderful to be back home."

Dr. Law has been featured in many national magazines, news reports, and television programs although he has declined invitations to participate in plastic surgery reality shows.

Dr. Law can be reached at (919) 256-0900, or by visiting http://www.michaellawmd.com


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