Move Over Queer Eye, one Straight Woman Does the Work of Five Gay Men

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A weekly newspaper column joins ranks with the increasingly popular Organizing and Image Consulting Industry. AddSPACE to Your Life answers readerÂ?s questions about clearing clutter, managing time and upgrading their image.

A new weekly column joins ranks with the increasingly popular Organizing and Image Consulting Industry. AddSpace To Your Life answers reader’s questions about clearing clutter, managing time and upgrading their image.

Kathi Burns, the creator of AddSPACE To Your Life, is a Professional Organizer and Image Consultant based in San Diego and a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Orgnanizers. Her weekly Column, AddSpace To Your Life, published by a Southern California newsgroup, has recently doubled its readership to 170,000.

Armed with statistics on the explosive growth in the Professional Organizing and Image Industry, and increased visibility with the popular TV shows Clean Sweep, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and What Not To Wear, Kathi decided to step into the industry and make her mark. Her goal is to become the "Dear Kathi" of organization and wardrobe as a nationally syndicated columnist.

Two years ago, Kathi was at one of those proverbial crossroads in life. Having been the victim of burnout and struggling with a Florida tourism based business after 911, she faced the decision of continuing in the same industry or find a career she was passionate about.

She and husband Robert decided to move to Southern California. Kathi took a spiritual sabbatical to explore her skill sets and passions. A year later she emerged to launch her new company, AddSPACE To Your Life, a Professional Organization and Image Consulting Agency.

Kathi believes that discovering her passion in a new career was the direct result of clearing her physical and mental clutter. Her mission is to help bring clarity into her client’s lives. She states," If you add space and shine a light towards someone’s possibilities, they will grow right before your eyes."

While on sabbatical, Kathi helped a friend clear out her closet and wardrobe. She discovered that she had the talent to discern which clothes worked and didn’t work for her friend’s body type. This followed with recommending new clothes that would help her friend look and feelher best.

As an Image Consultant, news of her talents quickly spread and she soon had male and female clients requesting the "Queer Eye" treatment. As she clears out the bad clothes, Kathi provides guidelines regarding the best clothes for her client’s lifestyle and body type. She then pre-shops and clients arrive to find the perfect clothes racked and ready to fit. Kathi combines classic clothing elements to create a flexible and cohesive wardrobe.

As a Professional Organizer, Kathi helps clients who want to clear the clutter in their homes or offices. "Every client has special needs and there are many ways to organize." Some people suffer from ADD and others are visually oriented. A diverse client base keeps my work fun and creative. The trick is to find the right system for each particular client. The "right system" will be one that they can personally maintain."

For example, Kathi’s youngest client is 8 years old and is chronically disorganized. After watching Kathi organize her older sister’s room, she offered to pay 13 weeks of allowance if Kathi would help her clear out her room. Together Kathi and Liana spent 7.5 hours sorting through clothes bins and her massive stuffed animal collection. As they sorted, Liana spoke with each animal to decide which animals should be donated to the local police Teddy Bear Program. "She was so precious, she kept giving me presents all day long. By the time we finished, I had new makeup, glitter, stickers and hair barrettes." Kathi explains, "My appointment that evening was with a client for her bridal gown fitting. I tried to clean up but missed removing a few hidden stickers and glitter. My client laughed when I explained where I had been all day. Initially she must have thought I was making quite the fashion statement!"

According to the AddSPACE credo, if you add space to your life, energy will flow and good things will happen. "People in transition can really benefit from going through the a de-cluttering process or creating a new image. It can be difficult to take the leap and switch careers or find a mate until you make some type of inward shift. One small shift can be the catalyst for a much larger transformation." Kathi has experienced this shift personally and feels blessed to witness client transformations firsthand. Some find a new career aligning with their passions while others redefine their life using new skill sets.

Most entrepreneurs want to simplify their business and work fewer hours but are drowning in paperwork. Their desks are typically overrun with clutter. As they streamline their office and remove the chaos from their environment, they begin to see the big picture and formulate a clear path toward their business goals.

AddSPACE conducts group and corporate seminars on effective time management, wardrobe and closet optimization.

The website, is fast loading with information about organization, image and event planning. It features an area where visitors can ask questions and receive personalized answers through her news column or read archived columns. Visitors can also subscribe to free monthly eTips and receive discounts as they shop for organizational tools.

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