Is Tony Blair A Modern Machiavel?

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Web guru TigerTom announced the release of a freeware ebook called 'The Black Book Of Power'. In promoting this work, the author stated that Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain, is employing some of Machiavelli's precepts, but not all.

Web guru TigerTom announced the release of a freeware ebook. It's called 'The Black Book Of Power' It's a compilation of works by TigerTom himself, Niccolo Machiavelli, Balthasar Gracian, Sun Tzu and Karl Marx. Its theme is power and self-improvement.

In promoting this work, the author stated that: "Prime Minister Tony Blair is following some of Machiavelli's precepts, but not all."

"He avoids being hated by the most powerful. He employs capable and faithful servants (Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell) and leaves matters of reproach to them. He cherishes the 'nobles' (Lord Sainsbury, the City Of London) but not so as to make himself hated by the people. He has declared himself without reservation as an ally of America, which makes America obliged to Britain", he said.

He went on: "Contrary to Machiavellian principles, however, he seeks to be more loved, than feared. Hatred is acquired as much by good works as by bad ones, and Mr. Blair heads a nominally socialist party. His chancellor has proposed not only to spend tax-payers' money to succour the British poor, but the African as well. Indirect taxation has gone up substantially under his government, and the revenue ill-spent, most symbolically on the Millenium Dome Project. He has therefore not avoided hatred, nor has he abstained from the property of his subjects".

"His Chancellor's actions precipitated the current British pensions crisis. His Chancellor is also rumoured to plot against him, and seems an unfaithful servant, yet he keeps him. Also, Britain has allied herself with a much more powerful State, and thus has placed herself at America's discretion".

TigerTom continued: "The so-called Granita pact was either an act of folly by Mr. Brown, of self-deception by Mr. Blair, or a red-herring cooked up by them both. No prince would ever put a time-limit on his reign, no king would willingly give up his throne, whatever either of them thought at the time."

TigerTom went on to say that while he was very interested in politics, he was more interested in personal relationships, and how people could improve themselves, with greater knowledge of the power relations that affected them. Hence 'The Black Book Of Power'.

'The Black Book Of Power' is available free from, for PCs running Windows 95/98/Me/XP.

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