How To Do Business The Jose Canseco Way!

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Using steroids is illegal, everybody knows that. But picture this: What if you could put your business on steroids -- legally, of course? How cool would that be!

Well, one man says you can put your business on steroids, and he's helping people do it legally -- all day long. His name is Craig Garber, his clients call him the "King Of Copy," and apparently he's been "juicing up" their businesses for years. And, he also swears under oath, the only effects of "roid rage" you're going to feel, is an explosion of new business, from enthusiastic prospects excited about working with you, and excited about giving you money!

An unusual man, who only works with independent business-owners, and whose clients have to "qualify" to work with him before he takes them on, Garber, the nation's top direct-response copywriter, bluntly says "Most advertising and marketing is worthless, because it fails miserably at the one thing it's designed to do -- and that is, to make you money. Unfortunately though, business-owners are often misled into thinking you need "branding" or "repeated exposure" for your marketing to work. But let's face it: the last time I checked, you can’t put food on your table using "repeated exposure" -- only cash flow from sales does that." And that's exactly what Garber specializes in.

Craig's methods are unconventional to say the least, but they work -- just ask his clients who joyfully pay him thousands, and who carefully hang on to every word he says. Garber uses new, and completely non-traditional marketing methods, but he claims these methods guarantee only pre-qualified people who are pre-disposed to working with you, will actually respond to your ads, eliminating all the tire-kickers and looky-loos. And in all fairness, if you look at the testimonials he has on his website, it's tough to argue with him.

There are many inside tricks Garber uses for his clients, but for starters, he suggests you use these 3:

1. Make the sweetest and most outrageous promise you can in your marketing. For example, if you're a car wash, say "I guarantee your car will be sparkling clean, or else your next 5 car washes are 100% FREE!" A message like this will get you noticed, and surely set you head-and-shoulders apart from your competition.

2. Whenever it's possible, always give your customers a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee. Garber says this will absolutely NOT attract more people looking to rip you off, but it WILL attract a lot more people willing to work with you, who normally would never have taken the plunge in the first place. "Anytime you can shift the burden of risk, from your prospects shoulders onto your shoulders, you're going to seriously increase the amount of people who will respond to your marketing, and who are eager to start giving you money."

3. And lastly, if you're selling something that's expensive, complicated, or has a long buying process (like applying for a mortgage, or for life insurance), Garber says you should never EVER go for the direct sale on the first contact. "Instead, use free reports stuffed with information, like "7 Things Your Bank DOESN’T Want You To Know About Your New Mortgage," to generate leads, and then continue marketing to these people using monthly newsletters and other informational and "non-traditional" ways of communication.

Think these things won't work? Think again -- remember, in today’s day and age, where recent studies show your prospects are being bombarded with over 3,500 marketing messages daily, the truth is, if you want extraordinary results, you simply must use extraordinary means to get them.

On top of everything else, for a limited time only, Garber’s leaving all his archives opened, and revealing literally hundreds of pages of inside marketing secrets on his website, at, including gems like:

• How To Use A Simple Sales Letter To Get Anything You Want!

• How To Dramatically Boost The Demand For Your Goods And Services!

• How To Sell To Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey, And Paul McCartney!

• How To Make Hooking Up With Your "Ex" More Thrilling Than It Ever Was Before! (And, How To Actually Make Money From It This Time!) And,

• John Kerry, The Amazing Direct-Marketer!

For more eye-opening and hard-hitting ways of reaching new prospects, you can also check out Garber’s Tip Of The Week on his website,, and for an engaging and passionate interview, contact Craig Garber directly at 954-723-0677.

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