Google Offers Powerful Tools For Successful Sales On The Web

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Last year, SiCap Industries was just another "start up" internet merchant. The company had a potentially huge product with only a tiny advertising budget. After experimenting with various internet marketing strategies that didn't work as planned, SiCap's management team credits "Google Adwords" program with a large part of their fast sales success.

Last year, SiCap Industries was just another “start up” internet merchant. The company had a very unique product, but they also had a very tiny advertising budget. SiCap began operations by promoting their first product on Ebay with great success, but to keep up with the growth of their operation, the company had to find an affordable way to effectively promote their product to a much wider internet audience.

SiCap management understood they had a distinct advantage over other online retailers because they had something that was and still is, a “one of a kind” product. Known as the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, “Sinus Buster” was quickly gaining an incredible reputation with “Ebayers” suffering from chronic sinus, allergy and headache conditions.

It turned out that Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray had become a miracle drug for hundreds of people suffering from a wide variety of chronic sinus and headache conditions. Although Sinus Buster was a strong seller on the Ebay auction site, Sicap management knew they had barely scratched the surface of their potential market. Their goal was to promote Sinus Buster on its’ own website and get the product into retail stores by promoting the brand via the web and through popular media.

“I knew we had a real winner here and we were making more money than I had dreamed, but we were also stuck in limbo. The founding partners were still working their regular jobs. Sinus Buster was starting to pay each of us more than our present jobs, but we weren’t making enough money to quit and go full time with SiCap. Then I started researching web marketing. Ya know, banner ads and pay per click programs. I realized most of what was out there were rip-offs and I knew from tracking our website activity where the most referral traffic was coming from. Our website ( was doing well in all the search engines, but it was apparent that Google was by far the biggest promoter for us. So I decided to try my hand at advertising with pay per click accounts and banner ads on several search engines. Within a month, I realized our Google ads were paying off the most, and because of them our business was up by more than 30%. So we dumped our other ads and put everything into a Google Adwords campaign. The rest is history – a very profitable history,” says Wayne Perry, founding partner of SiCap Industries, LLC.

Google “Adwords” is a pay per click service designed to match relevant keyword content with ads on the web’s number one search engine. Advertisers bid on specific keywords by establishing a top price to be paid for every “click-through” received. Basically the advertisers establish a daily budget that dictates exactly how much money is spent on the ad campaign. While “pay per click” programs traditionally have a reputation for wasting money, Google’s service is gaining a reputation as a real winner in the e-commerce biz.

“It was immediately apparent that Google Adwords were returning three dollars for every one dollar we were putting in, and everything was trackable. Some of the other advertising companies (which I won’t mention by name) were spending our money with no trackable effect. The other companies claimed to have specific click-throughs, but only the Google clicks were present on our independent web stats. We purposely used Microsoft business services so we’d have an independent source for our web traffic statistics, and Google was hands down the most worthwhile investment. We learned two things from this test. First Google was definitely pulling in sales and secondly, the other guys appeared to be lying about their click-throughs,” adds Perry.

Most online retailers have been faced with the same frustrations, false promises and suspect marketing schemes. While many online merchants have given up on “pay per click” programs and online ads in general, SiCap Industries has found a way to profit thanks to Google.

“Even in terms of simple search engine queries, Google is the biggest by far. No other search engine can touch their level of consumer power. If it weren’t for Google Adwords, I’m not so sure we would’ve come as far as we have. Of all the online advertising strategies out there, Google definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. It also appears to work better than display ads in magazines and catalogs, but of course you have to be able to write a great ad that works,” says Perry.

To find out more about Google Adwords, visit (

To find out more about SiCap Industries and Sinus Buster Hot Pepper Nasal Spray, visit them at ( Samples and information kits are available to qualified media and medical personnel upon request.

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