ENTERWeb, the Popular Knowledge Portal for Small Business (Enterweb.org) has Just Opened a Section on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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ENTERWeb is a free resource providing quality information on everything related to small business, finance, international trade, entrepreneurship, and the economy in this new age of cyberspace and globalization.

As recently as a decade ago, many companies viewed business ethics only in terms of administrative compliance with legal standards and adherence to internal rules and regulations. Today the situation is different. Attention to business ethics is on the rise across the world and many companies realize that in order to succeed, they must earn the respect and confidence of their customers. Like never before, corporations are being asked, encouraged and prodded to improve their business practices to emphasize legal and ethical behavior. Companies, professional firms and individuals alike are being held increasingly accountable for their actions, as demand grows for higher standards of corporate social responsibility.

Reflecting this new reality, ENTERWeb (http://www.enterweb.org) has just opened a new section on business ethics and corporate social responsibility, which will provide you with everything you need to know on the subject (and more).

As a Knowledge Portal, ENTERWeb complements and sometimes replaces search engines as it provides you with an already assessed and rated list of Internet resources on a variety of topics, therefore enabling you to quickly identify and access the information you are looking for.

ENTERWeb identifies what are the best sites on the web with regards to a particular topic, describes them, identify specific areas of interest and gives enough general information on each site so that one knows not only whether or not to visit it but also where to go to access the best information.

In addition, ENTERWeb aims to provide business related information and links on a country-by-country basis, mostly for developing countries and emerging markets. There are four geographical areas: Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America in addition to the main area, which is mostly focused on North America.

Sites (806+) are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and free value added while also considering ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

Recently opened sections include competitive intelligence (be strategic and learn how to maintain or enhance your competitiveness), self-employment (all you need to know for becoming your own boss), globalization (emergence of global markets and its impact on small business), and knowledge economy (technology and knowledge being now the key factors of production)

In addition ENTERWeb has sections on entrepreneurship (understand what it takes to start an enterprise, be an entrepreneur and access resources to help you), finance (find out the best resources on banking, finance, investment, and small business financing), markets (everything on international trade and exports, prepare yourself for globalization), management (best sites on management development and management issues), business support services (identify where to get advice and business support for your small business), business law (everything you need to know on business and trade laws, including intellectual property rights, licenses and patents).

Also included are sections on policy (explore different policies for sustainable small business development), business incubators (everything you need to know on enterprise creation and business incubators), cooperatives (an other kind of enterprise: credit unions and cooperatives), donors (everything you need to know on donors activities, projects and programs), women (women in business, women and business, explore specific resources for women entrepreneurs), cyberbusiness (all you need to start a successful business on the web, best sites on electronic business), education and training (find out the best resources on business education and business administration, includes sites on vocational training).

Finally ENTERWeb has sections on economics (understanding economics, find out the best sources on economic issues and explore the interface between small business and economics), community development (local development and social economy, think global and act local), microfinance (microsavings and microcredit for development), environment (find out the relationship between enterprise and the environment), business research (international business and enterprise development research), technology (learn more on technology development and technology transfer including appropriate technology), networks (business networks and information centers, browse the best small business guides and meta-indexes), business news (where to find the most relevant and current business news).

Planned for the near future are sections on risk management, youth and business, and human resources management

Navigating ENTERWeb is very easy as the site has only two levels, the entry page where all the topics are listed and the chosen individual topic pages corresponding to your chosen area of search.

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a civil servant, a social or community development worker, a university or college professor, a librarian, a student or anyone interested in entrepreneurship and small business, you will find ENTERWeb (http://www.enterweb.org/) invaluable as an "information gateway" leading you to quality information sources.


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