First Film About Blogs Anticipates the Future of Independent Grassroots Movie Production and Distribution

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Robin Good, an international communication expert specializing in new media, will deliver tomorrow (Friday April 22nd) a live presentation at 09.30am at the City Club, San Francisco, about the future of independent movie production and distribution.

Robin Good, an international communication expert specializing in new media, will deliver tomorrow (Friday April 22nd) a live presentation at 09.30am at the City Club, San Francisco, about the future of independent movie production and distribution. Mr Good will be capturing the silent revolution in-the-making which, according to him, will be opening up tremendous new opportunities to many thousands of independent movie producers and directors worldwide.

The movie industry and, in particular, the movie distribution system are experiencing profoundly disruptive changes, while traditional entertainment media channels (network TV, radio, newspapers) are losing market share and audiences by the day.

“We are about to witness a number of surprising changes that will open up unlimited new opportunities to small and medium sized productions which have had, up until now, very few opportunities”, said Mr Good. “By leveraging the full potential of the emerging new distribution and delivery systems that the Internet is offering, a whole new set of opportunities opens up both for the small and independent film producers/directors,”

Robin Good, a new media communications expert and popular blogger based in Rome, Italy, is an all-round advocate of innovative, open-ended and grassroots uses of new media technologies for effective communication and learning.

The key focus of the presentation, which will be webcast live on the Web and delivered to a handful of journalists at San Francisco’s City Club, will include a brief analysis of emerging trends impacting the entertainment industry and user preferences, and the identification of the key factors affecting the deep changes we are about to see in these areas including:






To contribute to and complement that vision, Robin Good will also take the opportunity to announce TheWeblogProject, the first movie for, by and about blogs, which takes a fully-forward-looking approach to implement the above ideas in a real world, self-funded project. (read more about TheWeblogProject further below)

"TheWeblogProject - the new production, delivery and distribution paradigm for independent film-makers"

Friday April the 22nd,

9:30am PST

Presenter: Robin Good

60-minute live press conference + Q&A

from the San Francisco City Club

155 Sansome St. Downtown San Francisco.

Live Webcast login URL:

The press conference will also be transmitted live on the Internet, including live audio of Robin Good, two-way audio for Q&A and full visuals of the presentation. No telephone required. No software needs to be pre-installed.

PC, Mac, Linux OK.

About TheWeblogProject

"What's a 'blog'?". "What do 'bloggers' do?". "'Bloggin' - what's that?" "Where's the 'blogosphere' exactly?". To find an answer to these questions, TheWeblogProject ( has come to the rescue. Here is the first Film for, by and about Bloggers.

TheWeblogProject premieres a revolutionary and innovative way to movie production, and one which, according to its creators, may seriously start to challenge Hollywood in the near future.

TheWeblogProject is in fact the first grassroots film that will be freely distributed, via the Internet and via those very P2P networks seen today as the major threats to Hollywood’s own sustainability.

TheWeblogProject is the first movie in which everyone can actively participate by sending in video clips.

But there is more - TheWeblogProject allows anyone to become the producer of a new, independent release, originating from the same original footage. Each contributor is awarded full rights to create their own version of the movie. Each movie release will have its own title, editing, scene selection, and soundtrack as each participating blogger will be able to remix and produce a new version of the film by tapping into the vast library of footage and clips gathered during the first phase of the project. "You'll be able to remaster, edit, transform any or all of the content into your own unique movie - your "personal take", in your own language, on the blogosphere."

TheWeblogProjects adopts and puts into action some of the key founding principles of the blogosphere: open, participatory, daring, collaborative, inclusive, created by the people, not by big corporations.

The movie will be "The first open source, free, grassroots movie to support and promote the blogosphere where featured stars, producers, fundraisers and actors are the bloggers themselves."

The movie’s mission is one of communicating to non-technical audiences what blogs are, what they can be used for and why they may be so important in our future. Its mission is to help to popularize "blogs" as a new communication medium to those who know nothing about them.

There's no charge to participate in the film and the project is fully non-commercial.

TheWeblogProject is the first movie that wants to enter everyone's home, via the Internet, a videotape or DVD. TheWeblogProject will be made available and distributed through P2P networks, the Internet Archive and through widely distributed online shows and podcasts.

To follow the unfolding of the project, TheWeblogProject publishes its own blog at:

Robin Good


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