Computer Guru Devotes His Talents To Helping People Lose Weight

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Douglas Cromer, president of Superior Computer Solutions, Inc., has devoted the last several months of his life to helping people lose weight with his new site

The most exciting quality about this site is my day-to-day real life story.

Douglas Cromer, president of Superior Computer Solutions, Inc., has devoted the last several months of his life to helping people lose weight with his new website. When asked why he would devote so much of his time and resources to a cause such as weight loss he said, "It is simple, I am not just overweight, but obese and I understand all too well the pain this causes."

He went on to further say, "I have tried to lose weight and keep it off all of my adult life, but I have failed miserably. I even looked into the different types of weight loss surgeries such as, gastric bypass surgery and lap-band surgery. After reading about all the complications associated with weight loss surgery and reading about the fatality rate of weight loss surgery, I decided that I had better give conventional weight loss methods another try."

The desire to overcome his weight problem compelled Mr. Cromer to begin researching all the different aspects of weight loss such as, diets, diet pills, and weight loss counseling. As he began to compile all the information on weight loss that he had acquired, he saw the need for a website that would focus more on informing people about these different facets of weight loss, rather than concentrating on making another sale on weight loss products.

Driven to make a difference, Mr. Cromer went to work on creating a website that would be of a different breed. After several months of designing and many long hours of work, Mr. Cromer has recently finished and published the first phase of his site. You can find his site at

What information can you expect to find at There is information on some of the different major diets that are available today such as, The Atkins Diet, The Weight Watchers Diet, The Nutrisystem Diet, The Jenny Craig Diet, The LA Weight Loss Diet, and The Herbal Life Diet.

There is also informative Weight Loss News Articles, as well as information about all natural weight loss herbal alternatives. When interviewed about his site, Mr. Cromer commented, "The most exciting quality about this site is my day-to-day real life story." He also said, "On this site I will be posting an interactive daily diary. This diary, I believe, will be a powerful tool in helping others lose weight too. I have entitled this section of my website as "My Battle With The Bulge". It is this section of my website that will make it stand out from others like it. Many weight loss websites have before and after pictures and testimonies, but what you don’t see is the story in-between. What was lacking on every website that I visited while doing my research was what I will call The Essentials of Weight Loss. I was looking for someone's day-to-day experience. Life stories of someone’s weight loss success are good, but they rarely tell you what it really took for them to reach their weight loss goals."

Mr. Cromer concluded, "I am 32 years old, and I am almost 150lbs. overweight. I encourage anyone that is considering a new diet, a new weight loss program, or even weight loss surgery to get informed before they make any major decisions. I have done the research, and I have set in motion the plan that will change my life. I am making my life an open book to anyone that is obese or overweight and needs help losing weight. You will not find any hype or lies at, all you will find is the true day-to-day successes and failures of "My Battle With The Bulge". If you are courageous enough, or just plain tired enough, and you want to know what it really takes to lose over 100lbs. safely, then I am waiting to meet you in my interactive weight loss diary. Join me and we can lose the weight together."

If you have the need to lose weight and statements such as this one from The International Bariatric Surgery Registry have you concerned about having weight loss surgery, then just might hold the answers you have been looking for.

The International Bariatric Surgery Registry estimates one in 1,000 patients will die within four weeks of the surgery and three in 1,000 will die within three months. Some surgeons in the field put the fatality rate as high as one in 100 for those who have the surgery.

Whether or not you are considering having weight loss surgery, consider this. Many weight loss surgeons say weight loss surgery is not a magical cure to being overweight. They have gone on to say there is a big post surgery effort that will have to be made by have weight loss surgery patients. If there is not a life style change in the amount of food eaten and the types of food eaten the long-term success of the have weight loss surgery will be impeded.

In conclusion, if you need such a lifestyle change, you might want to give conventional weight loss methods another try before you fork out the $25,000.00 - $40,000.00 it will cost you for the surgery. Especially if you consider the fact that you will have to make a lifestyle change even if you elect to have weight loss surgery. Bottom line, weight loss surgery is a tool to help you lose weight; however, there are alternatives to weight loss surgery.

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