Getting Hung-Up on Tomatoes

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Introducing a new product that allows anyone to grow tomato plants using a revolutionary new artificial soil system. There is no dirt, no mess, no weeding and you only have to water the plants once a month. Plants are hung in our specialized pouch from a fence, tree, or balcony railing.

American’s are hung up on tomatoes! On average, each of us consumes a whopping 220 pounds of them each and every year. Of course, we buy them at our local grocery or produce store, and depending upon the time of year, they come from far off places, picked green and “gassed” to achieve that wonderful red color! But when spring arrives, many of us venture into backyard gardening, and perennially, we turn our attention to our traditional tomato garden.

It’s not a question of economics that drives us to backyard gardening, but we’re really more motivated by the pleasure derived from doing it ourselves, watching the veggies grow, and then that thrilling moment of picking off the first red beauty to slice into the evening’s dinner salad.

But, well before the red beauties appear, most of us humans lose our enthusiasm as the back breaking work of gardening grows: digging, weeding, and watering twice per day!

But imagine, if you could eliminate all of that work by just hanging a pouch-like structure on the nearest tree limb, backyard fence or balcony! And what if all you had to do was add water, insert your seedling and watch it grow! Well, that’s what the revolutionary Tomato-Maker™ is all about!

This amazing new product was developed by PlantMakers, Inc. a St. Petersburg, Florida based company that is a world leader in artificial soil technology. Yes, Artificial Soil! The Company and its affiliates have used the artificial soil technology to service interior foliage for major commercial accounts since 1999. Their patented technology literally makes “soil” obsolete!

What’s even more amazing is that you can grow three tomato plants (of any variety) in just one Tomato-Maker™ pouch. The pouch, which contains the artificial soil named Millennium Soil™ is about 30 inches in length, and with its convenient handles it can be hung literally anywhere. And talk about saving space: about 75 tomato plants can be grown on just an 8 foot length of backyard fencing. To grow that many plants in-ground would require your backyard, plus your neighbors, and a full-time “crew” to weed and water!

At just $19.95 each (and they’re reusable) the Tomato-Maker™ is a “must have” for all backyard gardeners, and they’re even more interesting for those of us that live in condos or apartments.

You may want to buy one, and hang it up today. Call Sherri Tjemmes at 804-240-5558 or e.mail her at

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