Tongkat Ali: Scientific Proof for Bodybuilding And Sex Drive Enhancing Herb

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The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that tongkat ali extract causes considerable muscle growth in men.

Now it is scientifically official: tongkat ali extract causes considerable muscle growth in men. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that in a double-blind placebo controlled scientific trial, the use of tongkat ali extract caused a 5 % increase in lean body mass in the treatment group, while no significant changes were observed in the placebo group. 5 % in 5 weeks is a large improvement, as becomes obvious if one calculates the increase this would mean over a course of a year (5 weeks – 5 %; 52 weeks – 50 %).

Among other interesting facts, the journal article states: "The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group."

The abstract of the clinical trial with healthy men can be read at the website of the British Journal of Sports Medicine: (under EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA which is another name for tongkat ali - the 7th paragraph down on the page)

Body Building Benefits:

-Greater Testosterone Bioavailability—Unbinds BT and increases FT, without increase in aromatization into estrogen. Approx 80%-150% improvement in serum testosterone in athletes in 2 weeks

-Increases 4-Androstenedione - responsible for lean body mass, fat decrease, and muscle building

-Does not increase Dihydrotestosterone - responsible for hair loss and prostate swelling associated with Prostate Cancer.

-Average Testosterone Increase of 100% in less than 2 weeks—seen in healthy men under age 50.

-Increase in cGMP and cAMP by 60%

-Increase in ATP production by 80%

-DHEA will rise by about 45%

-SHBG suppression reduces fat formation

-Effective even for those with hormonal damage—Studies show positive results in individuals with hypogonadism

This translates to:

More testosterone for Muscle Build

Improved Work-Out, Endurance, Strength & Energy

Improved Recovery After Work Out

Significantly reduce decreased Body Fat

Also keep in mind that tongkat ali is a major sex drive enhancer apart from its anabolic properties.


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