Change Magic - the New Book from Peter Freeth is the Antidote to Management Gurus, Business Theory and Culture Change Models

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Peter Freeth's new book, Change Magic, is the antidote to traditional corporate change, offering a new and unique view of the business world that will help you to practically evolve your organization to meet the challenges it faces. Change Magic is available now from all good bookstores, worldwide.

Corporate change has become an epidemic, with gurus coming up with new ways to create the perfect organization and organizations running to catch up with the pace of change in the world.

Managers and leaders feel under pressure to implement the latest business model, hoping that this time they'll find the right formula for success. Yet there's a simple reason why these formulas will never work, and Peter Freeth provides the solution in Change Magic.

All of these habits and re-engineering manuals have an obvious flaw - they tell you what you're doing wrong but not how to put it right. Change Magic is based, not on theory but on practical experience in the real corporate environment.

Change Magic is a book and methodology based on many years of practical research and application within organizations ranging from large multinationals to SMEs, and it works because it concentrates on the one constant in all organizations: people.

Change Magic even has an interactive chapter at which has two tools that are innovative and absolutely unique - The Brain Fairies and The Unsticker.

Both are interactive tools which you can use in everyday problem solving. Sending a problem to The Brain Fairies gets you a personal response from Peter Freeth, whilst The Unsticker interacts with your problem through a series of purposeful questions. Many visitors report that after just a few questions, they can't remember what their problem was!

Peter Freeth has worked in the corporate environment for 20 years and is now a leading business coach and respected author. His unique view of corporate change is not based on which model is right or wrong but instead on the processes of natural evolution and systemic change. His approach is uniquely refreshing because it doesn't dictate what you should be doing, instead supporting you in doing what you already know is right for your business.

In a recent survey, organizations were asked how they were able to adapt to business change. Whilst 49% said that this capability is important to them, only 8% rated their performance very well. Clearly, there is a need in the business community for practical tools - which are thin on the ground in traditional management books which tell you what to do but not how to do it.

Change Magic doesn't prescribe what you should be doing; instead it gives you the support and the tools to harness the natural momentum of change and to direct it in a purposeful way. Right now, everyone in your organization is changing. They don't need help changing, what they need is a direction for that natural change.

Change Magic draws on and integrates three main areas of knowledge; Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, NLP's systemic change toolkit and Peter Freeth's own 20 years of experience in a fast changing and politically driven corporate environment.

About the author

Peter Freeth is a leading business coach, working both within the UK and internationally with clients in all market sectors. He has published a number of other books relating to leadership, problem solving and learning and continues to explore and develop practical solutions to the every day problems of business people.


“A refreshingly different and effective approach to organizational change. A must read for anyone involved in consultancy, HR or change management”

  • Michael Beale, International trainer and business coach

"Effective, efficient and easy organizational change – without even noticing that you were ‘doing’ it? Now that’s magic! Freeth has replaced Drucker, Peters, Covey et al as the ‘must read’ for anyone wanting to perform business magic"

  • David Nicoll, Consultancy Director

Change Magic is available now

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