New Medical-Heart Attack Prevention Book (Written For Patients)Is Becoming A Favorite Among Doctors

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Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke--inflammation, cardiology's newest frontier--continues to gain medical leader support even though it was written by a layman for laymen.

Hidden causes of Heart Attack and Stroke--inflammation, cardiology's newest frontier--at and available at 800-214-8110.

The author, Christian Wilde was himself earlier diagnosed having a lethal calcification score in the coronary arteries of 2,680 with a score of just 400 equating to a 10 fold heart attack risk. Doctors, apparently at the time only knew to pursue cholesterol as the culprit.

Wilde, (who had excellent cholesterol) had little choice but to become the proactive patient in attempting to detect and neutralize the actual hidden causes that threatened his and so many of our lives.

The result of the five year research project (according to several leading doctors) may arguably be the most definitive book on heart and stroke disease prevention-covering 134 topics 408 pages and 17 pages of documented bibliography. View at

"Until this book, a reliable resource for the patient was simply not available as the subject is vast and complicated,” said John Rumberger M.D., Ph.D., former Clinical Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic and Healthwise Health Clinic in Columbus Ohio.

As one doctor good naturedly told the author when he attempted to discuss the hidden factors in 2000, "95% of the doctors in America wouldn't have any idea of what you are talking about and neither do I" As the book explains; while he was leaving, the doctor added, "by the way my father had a heart attack two weeks ago, what should I tell him?" Wilde's lighthearted response, "tell him to get a new doctor!"

Several of the risk factors and their remedies introduced in the book were not previously acknowledged by the medical profession at large but have since become recognized and others are now beginning to gain major support. A letter from M.D., John Peric of Burbank, CA offered: "It appears that you are somewhat "before your time." Your book has shown to be not only very forward thinking, but also almost prophetic in regards to not only the disease process and coronary artery disease, but also the management and maintenance of some heart disease as well as stroke, and congestive heart failure."

Topics like combinational therapy for difficult cholesterol cases,the dangers of statin drugs without coenzyme Q10 and how statins can increase risk of congestive heart failure and muscle wasting. With 5M cases of CHF in America and no cure, there are supplements outlined in the book that are increasing the quality of life and longevity with results being documented all over the world. Recently accepted but years earlier suggested less lenient guidelines for HDL, Triglycerides, LDL and overall cholesterol and now fibrinogen (fi-brin-o-gen>.) Fibrinogen is yet another little known important emerging risk factor. The many ways fibrinogen complicates and contributes to coronary plaque and stroke is explained in great detail because as the author has said, few doctors and fewer people are aware of it's many roles. Several areas affecting women's health described in the book are still not widely known. Still to be realized a lowered national guideline for acceptable homocysteine levels etc.

The book explains that 80% of identifying blood tests are not routinely given on annual physicals and the many factors comprising the inflammatory syndrome. Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke's information claims heart disease is now 90% preventable!

M.D., Greg Guldner, Director of Residency at Loma Linda University commented: "What Christian Wilde suggests today, is destined to become standard medical practice in the next decade."

Ronald M. Lawrence M.D., Ph.D., appointed advisory member of four governmental health boards. "After my more than 50 years in the medical profession, you have even opened my eyes, I am sure the information you present on fibrinogen (an emerging risk factor) will save many lives.

"M.D., Mark Bell-Director of Emergency Services described the book this way: "The book outlines in detail, multiple strategies and methodologies to detect, treat and prevent heart attacks and strokes. "It doesn't often happen that medical leaders lend their support to a book written by a non-member of their profession as doctors are even hesitant to endorse other colleagues. There is a story here; this article may be used in part or in its entirety. Author available for interview 818 506-7889. Foreword by Karol Watson, M.D., Ph.D., co-director of Preventive Cardiology and Director of Lipid and Hypertension Management-UCLA.


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