"Practice" Isn't Just for Kids and Soccer Teams: How Repetition Leads Adults to Success (and 4 Ways You Can Make the Most of Yours)

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Are you falling short of your goals simply because you donÂ?t take time to apply what youÂ?ve learned? Don Schneider, author of "Making the Right Choices for a Great Life, Now and Forever" reveals how you -- not just your kids -- need to "practice" what you have learned in order to succeed.

You don’t think twice about shuttling the kids to soccer practice. "You can’t win the game if you don’t practice," you tell them. So when is the last time you scheduled your own "practice" to achieve the financial, physical, relational or spiritual goals and success you aim to achieve?

"Adults need practice too," says Don Schneider, author of Making the Right Choices for a Great Life, Now and Forever (Truth in Life Publications, http://www.TruthInLife.com). "Successful people constantly practice moving toward their goals. You can set lofty goals, but if you don’t practice them and back them up with action, then your successes will not add up to anything worth measuring."

A successful real estate investor, Schneider speaks nationwide and hosts seminars on the art of making positive choices that lead to a productive, prosperous life. Schneider believes that good choices are built on a solid foundation; and for him that foundation is God.

Here Schneider shares four God-given principles that will help you apply what you learn and commit to regular repetition of what it takes to achieve your objectives:

1. Put your heart into it. Don’t just pay lip service to your goal or dream. Let it take root

deep inside, and throw yourself into pursuing it wholeheartedly. (Ezekial 33:31)

2. Use the examples of others. Look to those who have achieved what you want to achieve. Select good role models and mentors. Imitate them. (Philippians 4:9)

3. Keep priorities. Don’t get caught up and forget what is important. (Matthew 23:23)

4. Take action. You can read books and talk to successful people, but to get where you want to go you must make your move. (Luke 8:21)

Don’t let bad choices or inconsistent practice make life mediocre. Choose to keep working toward your goals and base your decisions on unchanging Biblical principles so you can move into the great life God has planned for you.

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