Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease -- Unconventional Technique Produces Miracles of Non Medicine

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The regeneration of nerve and muscle tissue, through ambient presentation of low frequency sound, is now a reality. Using biofrequencies to evaluate health risks and disease involvement is an advancement that could revolutionize medicine. Frequency based biomarkers exhibit considerable potential to evaluate human form, function and biochemistry using novel math based protocols.

The regeneration of nerve and muscle tissue, through ambient sound presentation, is now a reality. Macular degeneration, the deterioration of a part of the field of vision, need not be considered irreversible any longer. The millions of adults who report daily back pain need not continue to suffer. These are but a few of the research outcomes that have been gaining considerable attention even though the developing protocols are still emerging.

Using biofrequencies to evaluate health risks and disease involvement is an advancement that could revolutionize medicine. Studies have shown that frequency based biomarkers exhibit considerable potential to evaluate human form, function and biochemistry using novel math based protocols. Based on these innovative case studies, frequency based templates for heart disease markers, mitochondrial and immune disorders, weight management, anti aging, DNA/RNA analysis, metabolism issues, nutrient requirements, genetic syndromes, pain management and pathogenic and toxicity measurements are being developed and tested.

With the sophistication of modern science you would expect major contributions to medical science to come from prestigious research facilities or well-funded commercial ventures. Yet these miracles of non medicine are being repeatedly demonstrated by a small biotech company located in poverty stricken Appalachia. The techniques and protocols have been developed over several years by Sharry Edwards and have become known as Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling Techniques & Technologies. A separate company, nVoice™ has been established to bring these procedures and resulting products to market.

Results of Edwards' pioneering research projects have increasingly caught the attention of groups who have invited Edwards to explore a wider range of frequency based health related issues. Her work with invading pathogens, particularly nanobacteria, was a well-received topic at a BioAcoustic conference last summer. Edwards' has decoded the frequencies associated with nanobacteria and has demonstrated a predictable mathematical relationship of tooth plaque to the early warning signs of heart disease.

At that conference, Roman Chrucky, MD credited Edwards' frequency protocols using nanobacteria with helping his body reverse not only his heart condition but his prostate cancer as well.

Larry Trivieri, an internationally known expert and author, has identified Edwards as one of the true pioneers in the field of energy medicine, specifically the use of sound as a diagnostic management tool. One of Trivieri's latest publications, Health on the Edge: Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium includes a chapter outlining Edwards' innovative work with Human BioAcoustics.

Trivieri noted that the interviews with the twelve experts in the book were designed to help him answer the question as to what the future of our health system holds. To respond to this concern he wanted "to speak to experts in the vanguard to find out from them where their research is leading us." His search for a legitimate leader in the field of sound therapy lead him to Edwards and her company, Sound Health, which is located in Albany, Ohio, USA (

Examples of Edwards' work that brought her to the attention of Trivieri included toxicity evaluations for World Trade Center engineers and firemen who worked at ground zero; the development of a computerized pre-screening for vaccination risk factors; and pain relief through the presentation of low-frequency sound. Trivieri was particularly interested in the frequency correlations of Myrex (the flame retardant causing the fireman's cough) with genetic issues relating to early age onset breast cancer. Edwards' studies indicate that those exposed to Myrex would be vulnerable to toxin related cancer symptoms because of the frequency relationships of the two issues.

“I've been very fortunate in having worked with literally hundreds of the world's top physicians and researchers in this field,“ Trivieri says, “and I know that answers and solutions exist right now for all of the health problems currently facing our nation. The proprietary technologies that she (Edwards) developed have the potential to revolutionize not only medicine, but also our understanding of whom and what we are as human beings. The exciting work she is doing is truly a "healing for the new millennium!"

Edwards believes that BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling may be an answer to the issues facing the world in terms of the International Food Code - Codex regulations that may restrict our access to much needed nutrients. “As we resist the loss of our health rights and freedoms we can also begin to establish alternative means that move beyond what is being conventionally offered. We need to thoroughly develop the techniques of frequency-based wellness so that we will have the option to use BioAcoustics to monitor and manage health. We are working on several projects that may allow an individual to supply their nutrient and biochemical needs through sound frequencies. If we lose the Codex fight for access to nutrients, this is certainly a viable alternative in support of self health,” declares Edwards.

Other companies are beginning to follow Edwards' twenty year lead. Pfizer pharmaceuticals published a paper last year indicating that they are using voice frequency analysis to predict Parkinson's disease. UCLA has announced a new program that will train scientists to listen to the sounds of cells in the hopes of finding a way to translate cell sounds into disease information data. Edwards' team has been producing research data and results for over a decade using vocal data and low frequency sound presentation.

"Breaking the sound barriers of disease" as a concept, likely conjures-up images that would be associated with a sci-fi flick but it is a substantiated fact that sound, under research conditions, has provided support in the reestablish of nerves, mitigation of macular degeneration, reversal of diagnosed multiple sclerosis, release of back pain, stimulation of metabolism and rehabilitation of muscle trauma.

"We anticipate that our efforts will continue to move medicine forward as we nudge conventional medicine toward a more competent and compassionate future," Edwards adds.

For the latest news from Sound Health call 740-698-9119.

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