BackJoy, the Stylish Back Pain Relief Chair Support, Provides Top Ten Tips to Relieve Back Pain

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Recommended by medical professionals to simply and easily begin relieving back pain, BackJoy launches new affiliate program

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With millions of Americans suffering from chronic back pain, BackJoy, the revolutionary new chair support product designed to relieve back pain, provides top ten tips to begin relieving back pain immediately.

BackJoy, which enables users to sit comfortably and back pain free for hours, is rapidly garnering a loyal following and is endorsed by medical professionals as an integral part of any total back pain relief program. You can purchase the BackJoy with a limited time special offer at (add affiliate link).

BackJoy urges those suffering from back pain to begin relieving chronic back pain through the following tips:

1.    Exercise Often — Even going for a short walk everyday can help you relieve back pain. Remember to stretch your spine before and after any exercise you do, and always consult your doctor to see what type of exercise will be best for you.

2.    Eat a Healthy Diet —While food doesn’t appear to be related to relieving back pain, your food intake does give you the needed nutrients to make sure all systems are working and functional.

3.    Maintain good posture— Make sure when you are seated you’re not overly slouched or sitting in another awkward position which will lead to a repetitive stress injury and back pain. BackJoy is designed to be among the best approaches to relieve backpain.

4.    Avoid sleeping on your stomach — Sleeping on your stomach forces your spine to try and adapt to a reversed position, which will end up causing a lot of back pain. It also twists your spine in unnatural directions, and it puts undue pressure on your abdominal muscles. To avoid and relieve backpain, try to sleep on your back, on a firm mattress, or on your side.

5.    Invest in a good chair, pillow and mattress — Think about the amount of time you spend sitting and sleeping each day; we don’t spend time doing much else. Spending a few extra dollars on higher quality items that can help relieve your back pain will be worth it in the long run, and these items can also help keep you out of the doctor’s office. Remember, using a BackJoy in an ergonomic chair will turn that chair into an orthopedic chair and help relieve back pain.

6.    Always Lift with your Legs — The best and fastest way to injure your back is to lift something heavy using only your back muscles. Even if you think something you are about to lift is light, get into the practice of using your leg muscles to get it up into the air instead of your back muscles to relieve back pain.    

7.    Stretch your Legs and Back after Each Hour of Sitting — Whether in a car or at a desk, stretching regularly will help to keep you from tightening up or injuring yourself further and relieve back pain.

8.    Use a Headset with your Phone — If you talk a lot on the phone all day at work or when you are at home, invest in a headset so you don’t have to cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder. Cradling the phone here will often lead to an injury and create back pain, even if you think you don’t do it very often.

9.    Watch what you carry — Never leave a wallet in your back pocket when you sit (especially when you drive), and pay attention to the load you put in a purse or back pack. Remember the goal is to keep your spine balanced, or neutral, so sitting in an awkward way (on top of a fat wallet on one side) or carrying a heavy bag can upset that neutrality very quickly and cause damage to your back.

10.    Utilize BackJoys Wherever You Sit for Extended Periods: More and more medical professionals are recommending back support products for sitting to relieve back pain. BackJoy’s advanced design and cutting edge materials combine to create a highly effective remedy for back pain sufferer by “flexing” to Perfect your Sitting Posture, cupping the gluteus muscles to relieve tightening of back muscles and cradling the pelvis. BackJoy should be an integral element of any back pain relief program.

About BackJoy Affiliate Program

BackJoy’s affiliate program, managed by Converseon, provides approved website owners with a compelling way to generate revenue by helping to promote the Backjoy product and help users relieve back pain. To apply to the BackJoy affiliate program visit

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