Coastal Vacations' Largest Travel Package Marketer Sets Target Date for Expansion

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Clear Business Solutions LLC, the largest worldwide marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products in both volume and revenue, will open their larger call center facility on August 22 as sales continue to increase due to the high demand for their travel products and marketing services.

Coastal Vacations' largest travel package marketer Clear Business Solutions has set a target date of August 22 for their expansion. The company will move its call center to a larger facility in Tempe, Arizona, that is expandable to more than 50 seats.

High demand for the company's call center services by Coastal Vacations associates has prompted the company to make the move sooner than originally expected. After selecting Coastal Vacations travel products for marketing at their call center in February, demand for Clear Business Solutions' services have been nothing short of overwhelming. The new website explains the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, including membership information and tips. Audio seminars, an interview with the sales center founder Paul Langley, business updates, and travel tips from Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino are all posted at the site.

Coastal Vacations Sales Center associates operate a home based business without many of the pitfalls that lead to the demise of most unsuccessful home based businesses. Associates market a simple toll free number and a unique ID number. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center does the rest of the work. They take the calls. They do the presenting and explaining. They close the sales. They even collect the money and ship the vacation package. $1000 or more from each sale is sent to the associate each time a sale is closed.

Coastal Vacations has offered the highest value product in the home based business arena for over 10 years. The Coastal Vacations Board of Directors has estimated the value of the package at over $15,000. The lifetime vacation membership features 25 complimentary vacations, five complimentary cruises, and 20 discount cards that can be used for additional travel benefits. The travel package has been sold by resorts for $3,000 to $3,500 or more, but the sales center markets the package for less than $2,000.

As Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino explained, "Ninety-five percent of the people who start a traditional home based business fail to earn money for three reasons. They don't have time to make the calls and sell the product. They don't have the skills to sell the product, or they don't like the sales process and avoid making the phone calls."

As the website explains, these pitfalls are eliminated by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center because a staff of professional salespeople sells the products, not the associates themselves. There are no guaranteed sales or sign ups with the sales center, but they do boast a 10% to 20% closing ratio, and they are closing 38% of all callers on their high days.

As Marino explained "Everyone wants to earn more money, but many people are already working 60 to 80 hours a week. I talk to people every day who want a home based business, but can only devote one to three hours a week. Now, we have a business that works for those people."

Since February the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has allowed people with limited time or skills to earn thousands per week with the Coastal Vacations business. The travel packages have been sold for years using a simple system of returning phone calls from prospects, leading them to the information, and collecting the money. The sales center further simplifies the business for those who do not want to, or have time to contact the prospects

The expansion to a larger facility will allow the sales center to continue their growth, and close more sales for the Coastal Vacations home based business owners who use their services.

For more information about the Coastal Vacations Sales Center operated by Clear Business Solutions, go to


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