Healthy Fitness Guru "Outs" Unscrupulous Trainers for Promoting Dangerous Steroids Instead of Exercise, Diet, and Nutritional Supplementation

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Who's training the trainers that are potentially harming their clients with bad information and dangerous advice?

If you can't trust your trainer, who can you trust?" asks respected fitness professional Anthony Ellis. A motivational health enthusiast, Ellis is the creator of Gaining Mass!, a healthy system of diet, exercise, and supplement designed especially for people who have trouble gaining weight. There are more than 70,000 healthy fitness fans in 100 countries worldwide that have changed their bodies and their lives with his program.

Knowing from personal experience that his healthy approach works, Ellis is angered by the alarming number of self-proclaimed fitness professionals who are routinely encouraging their clients to abuse steroids and acting as their "drug dealers." He says, that "No true professional with his or her client's best interest at heart would ever recommend anything as dangerous and stupid as a program of illegal steroids."

Proof Positive

An "Average Joe" who was "fed up with being a 135-pound weakling," Ellis was able to achieve a miraculous transformation of his own body without steroids.

Instead of taking the easy road and succumbing to the lure of the "magic pill," Ellis studied, did research, tested and re-tested, and ultimately was able to develop Gaining Mass!

Gaining Mass! is complete, step-by-step training and nutritional program for hardgainers, "based in nature not chemistry," says Ellis. There's key foundational information for beginners, and "lots of cutting-edge information to benefit even the most experienced fitness follower who may still be having trouble with gaining mass instead of fat."

Ellis says his program is appropriate for "athletes, armchair quarterbacks and anyone who has ever felt the pain of being skinny." "I gained 32 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks and reduced my body fat by 3%…and I did it naturally," says Ellis with undisguised pride. To support his claims, he displays his personal before-and-after pictures on his website.

Know Your Source

Ellis notes that many people interested in increasing muscle mass turn to health club and gym owners for guidance. "They mistakenly think that these people have some background and education in healthy fitness," he says, and that's not necessarily the case. And although the advice given may be offered "in good faith," Ellis says, "It can still be deadly."

Ellis points to mountains of research that when anabolic steroids (a synthetic derivative of the male hormone testosterone) are abused, the results can include cosmetic changes like severe acne and baldness. Psychological changes also occur including the well-documented increase in aggression known as 'roid rage.

"Both men and women experience gender-reversal effects with women developing facial hair and men developing fat in the breast tissues," says Ellis, "but frankly, these problems are just the tip of the iceberg." He notes that the negative and sometimes irreversible impact of steroids on liver and kidney function, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health means that "people are literally dying to gain weight."

"People with a fitness education know what steroids can do to the body," says Ellis. "They can kill you. Health issues aside, he says, "Anabolic steroids are illegal to use without a doctor's prescription."

Know Your Trainer

As a general rule, Ellis encourages people to look into the background and credentials of their trainers…and to use common sense. "If someone with a wall full of diplomas and a list of references as long as your arm tells you something that doesn't sound right…trust your instincts, not the diplomas!" He continues, "And if someone offers to sell you something 'under the table,' run don't walk to the nearest exit."

Ellis says that it's only a "small number of people who don't know any better and an even smaller number of people who know better but just don't care" that are preying on the desperation of hard-gainers. He is quick to point out that like himself, the majority of fitness professionals are " really dedicated to the well-being of their clients and are working hard to educate them on how to achieve health and fitness for the long-term."

As part of his "education campaign," Ellis has created an eye-opening 5-part report on healthy muscle gain. "Learn What You MUST Know to Gain Mass FAST!" At the core, says Ellis, are "sane, rational, total-health-oriented ideas" on how to structure a diet to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum, what nutritional supplements actually work for gaining mass, and even the best time to eat to increase muscle and minimize fat gain.

"Learn What You MUST Know to Gain Mass FAST!" is a free instant download, but it is available only at:

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