Martial Arts Sensation Ron Hall Is Lions Gate Films' "Vampire Assassin"

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Blazing into video stores this week is martial arts perfomer's Ron Hall's first film as writer, director, and fight choreographer -- the exciting martial arts horror film, "Vampire Assassin."

"Vampire Assassin" is a thrilling martial arts action film about a tortured cop who discovers the death of his father was caused my vampires. He undertakes a journey looking for vengeance but instead finds his destiny.

While the film features a black martial arts vampire hunter that might draw obvious comparisons to the "Blade" films starring Wesley Snipes, Hall assures us that the films are very different. "Vampire Assassin's biggest enemy is himself, his fears and his battle to overcome them," he says.

For over a decade, Hall has been considered as one of the most exciting and dynamic rising stars of the martial arts movie genre. Having appeared in over a dozen films, Hall's talents in films such as, Triple Impact, Raw Target, Double Blast and most noteably, Bloodsport II, has developed a cult following worldwide.

Hall wanted distinguish himself from other martial arts film performers by learning to make his own films that reflect his vision and sensibilites. This resulted in his first film, "The Slow Die Fast" a martial arts western about a ruthless bounty hunter who becomes the hunted by those who envy him. Although this film remains uncompleted, it created the foundation for a distributor to give Ron the support he needed to make his second film a full feature.

Vampire Assassin, while filmed on a very small budget contains, good acting, a solid storyline, special effects, high production values and exciting action that lead to it being acquired by leading independent film distributor, Lion Gate Films.

Vampire Assassin is Hall's attempt to restore martial arts movies to their story based roots, while still delivering the captivating action these films are known for. Hall says, "Martial arts films right now are little more than exploitation, failing to rise beyond the fighting and action sequences. Anyone who is familiar with martial arts film history knows they began with very strong characters and well told stories."

Hall's dedication to his work has been acknowledged by many. Jackie Chan said of Hall's work, "I have seen people all over the world, Ron is one of the best I have ever seen. His fellow cast members also offer similar praise. Mel Novak, who worked on Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" and plays Vampire Slovak in the film says, "I have never seen anyone who has a passion for martial arts movies like Ron. He can write, direct,choreograph and do all of them well; I am very excited in seeing him succeed." Rudy Ray Moore, best known as Dolemite, says, "Hall is a tremendous talent. He creates ideas that you can really get excited about, I am surprised it has taken him this long to get the opportunities he truly deserves."

Since wrapping production of Vampire Assassin, Hall has been hard at work on several other projects. Hall starred in and choreographed the film "Almost Related" by Infinity Productions due to be released early next year, as well as the action sci-fi film "Internetrix," directed by effect wizard Jamil Nelson. Hall has also teamed up with the legendary Rudy Ray Moore as director of the film, "The Dolemite Explosion."

Hall is currently in preproduction with his next film "Killer Brother, Killer Sister," which will be shot on location in India. In this film, Hall will play the villain, while introducing a male and female black martial arts duo as the leads.

After spending many years developing his talent and finding his unique voice, Ron Hall positions himself at the forefront of emerging martial arts filmmakers that will make a profound impact on the genre in the years to come.

Vampire Assassin is due to release Aug 9th, 2005 in video stores throughout North America.

Vampire Assassin stars Ron Hall, Mel Novak, Rudy Ray Moore, Gerald Okimura and Merry Everest.

  • Produced by Jesse Kitten and Ron Hall for Jet Black Productions.
  • Executive Produced by David Huey of CineExcel Entertainment.
  • US Distributor- Lions Gate Films.

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