What is the Best Therapy for Reversing Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

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A new website lets you rank fibromyalgia therapies using detailed criteria.

Fibromyalgia-Reviews.com is a unique website setup for sufferers to leave posted opinions of fibromyalgia therapies that work (or do not work) for the many fibromyalgia symptoms. You learn from the good and bad experiences of others. Users rate a therapy's value based on its effectiveness in reversing the more common symptoms. This works better than using an overall rating of a therapy, as it does not give the complete picture.

You rate therapies based on twelve "indicators" that includes a therapy's practicality. The "indicators" are tallied, summed up, and ultimately determine the score of a fibromyalgia therapy's quality.

The twelve indicators are "relief of tender point pain," "relief of trigger point pain," "relief of fibromyalgia fog / irritability," "relief of sleep disturbances," "hypoglycemia symptom relief," "irritable bowel syndrome relief," "genitourinary problem relief," "skin problem relief," "depression relief," "therapy side effects," "therapy convenience," and "therapy cost benefit."

Questions asked when rating a therapy's effectiveness are: "what percentage of pain did this therapy take away? 100%? 85%? 75%? 65%? 55%? 45%? 35%? 25%? 15%? 0%?," "What percentage of fibromyalgia fog / irritability did this therapy take away?" "What percentage of insomnia did this therapy take away?" "Did the therapy take away genitourinary problems?" "Did the therapy take away skin problems?" "Did the therapy take away irritable bowel syndrome?" "Did the therapy take away depression?" "Did the therapy take away the symptoms of hypoglycemia?"

When a user rates a symptom that they do not have, they can answer, "this is not one of my symptoms."

Questions asked about a therapy's practicality are: "Is this therapy cost-effective?" "Is this therapy user-friendly?" "Is the therapy a hassle to use?" "Does this therapy have serious side effects?" "Does this therapy have no side effects?"

All of the "indicators" for a therapy's "effectiveness" and "practicality" are ranked symptom-by-symptom so that sufferers will have an arsenal of therapies to use against each of their symptoms. For example, a sufferer seeking pain relief can look at the highest ranking therapies for tender point pain relief or trigger point pain relief. A sufferer seeking irritable bowel syndrome relief can look at the highest ranking therapies from the IBS category. The sufferer who wants to save money and who is seeking the very best therapy that is effective for many symptoms can look under the category "Best All-In-One Fibromyalgia Therapy."

Based on your experience, which therapies have you discovered to be effective (or ineffective) for the many fibromyalgia symptoms? Share your ratings at http://www.Fibromyalgia-Reviews.com/

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