Looking for a Recipe that is Fun and Nutritious? Try This One!

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Providing nutritious yet appealing meals for a hungry family can be a challenge for anyone who cooks. Dean Kapsalakis, author of 'The LetÂ?s Eat Cake Diet,' provides a toothsome solution: nutritious and delicious recipes (including desserts) along with a few simple guidelines for maximizing your familyÂ?s health.

Have you read conflicting health reports that have lead you to wonder what really is good to eat? Do your kids complain when you serve them a nutritious meal?

A biological diet with fortified meals and desserts will provide all the nutrition your family needs. To hold your family's interest, "The Let's Eat Cake Diet" (http://www.cakediet.com) includes new and unusual dishes and some old standbys like hamburgers and roasted fries. It also includes a many nutritious and fun desserts.

An alternative to Atkins, and vegetarian and pyramid (four food group) diets, "The Let's Eat Cake Diet" is based on an analysis of what we human omnivores need for good health. The diet is 'user friendly,' designed to eliminate the unpleasant sacrifices normally associated with diets. Yet "The Let's Eat Cake Diet" provides a great variety to a healthy diet. Following a few simple guidelines, you can improve your health while enjoying all the fun parts of eating.

“Wondering what to do with all those strawberries growing in your garden?” asks Dean Kapsalakis, author of "The Let's Eat Cake Diet" (MVP Press, $15.95, ww.cakediet.com).

“Try my Strawberry Shortcake. The kids will line up for seconds.”

Strawberry Shortcake is a good example of how "The Let's Eat Cake Diet" provides foods that are both fun and nutritious:

1. It Tastes Great. Strawberry Shortcake is made from fresh strawberries, whole wheat flour, honey and other healthy ingredients. It is low in fat and sugar, and it will keep your kids smiling.

2. It is easy to make. Ingredients are easy to find. No tricky instructions or complex steps. Strawberry Shortcake is mixed in a bowl, spread in a greased 13X9 pan and baked.

3. It's Extra-fortified. Each piece of Shortcake contains a balance of minerals for strong bones, including about 35 percent of an individual's recommended daily allowance for calcium.

Are you ready to try this delicious Strawberry Shortcake recipe? Or to sample one of the other great recipes in "The Let's Eat Cake Diet?" To find this recipe or to order your copy of "The Let's Eat Cake Diet," please visit http://www.cakediet.com.

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