Mystery of Missing Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Solved in Newly Released Book

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Catholic Church's role in lost Iraqi weapons program linked to the revival of the age old crusade against Islam strenuosly denied by Vatican sources.

Rod Norgrove Announces Print-on -Demand Availability of The Eighth Crusade at

Manchester, England 5th September 2005- Rod Norgrove announces publication of The Eighth Crusade in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest growing provider of print on demand books.

It is 1312AD, Saladin’s Islamic hordes rule the east whilst Pope Clement V has abolished and executed the last of the Templar Crusaders. In fact following strenuous and dangerous investigation the year marks the inauguration of the Sons of Sion, a fanatically dedicated Catholic sect based in a hidden crusader fortress near the enduringly mysterious village of Rennes le Chateaux in south west France. This shadowy organization was and still is tasked with the financial investments of the Vatican in order to acheive the destruction of Islam as decreed by Pope Urban II in Clermont 1095AD. Selecting documented world events; from the disappearance of Jewish gold in the Second World War with the connivance of Pope Pious X to the missing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the desire of the late regime to use them, the novel is a controversial viewpoint on the widely held belief that the current Islamic extremists are acting unilaterally, when in fact elements of Rome never gave up their determination to defeat Islam. The Sons of Sion hoodwink the last operation by the Provisional IRA as they believe the time is approaching of the final victory of the one true faith. Current internet threats against the Sion Crusaders merely add credence to this view.


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