Former Sales Executive Insists: The Only Way to Overcome Call Reluctance Is to Seize the Phone

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There is no perfect time for any sales professional to wait for to call a prospect. Waiting for that perfect time only stops one from seizing the telephone and generating sales now.

Contrary to popular perception, most sales professionals abhor making sales calls. In fact, they do whatever they can to avoid making calls, according to Tammy Stanley, former Sr. Sales Executive and author of Carpe Phonum... How To Seize The Phone, Take Action And Call Your Prospects Even When You Lack Courage.

The routine of most sales professionals is quite predictable. If they decide it’s too early to make prospecting calls, they make a pot of coffee. If they hear of a book on the art of prospecting, they read. If they think it’s too late to call their prospect, they wait until tomorrow.

“Far too many sales people are looking for the magic script that will make all their prospecting fears go away. But they often discover that call reluctance persists, even after discovering a great script,” states Stanley, an expert on overcoming sales call anxiety. “Anytime you call a new prospect, there’s fear built around calling that prospect because no matter how long you’ve made sales calls, no matter what your success rate, you’ve never spoken with that new prospect. The mind is always fearful of what it’s never before experienced.”

An often quoted statistic about sales professionals and their results is that 46% of sales professionals call a prospect once, 24% call a prospect twice, 14% call a prospect three times, and only 4% call the same prospect five times. However, the 4% of sales professionals, who habitually call prospects five times, get 60% of the business! Stanley maintains that plenty of sales professionals are familiar with that statistic, but still only 4% of them make those five phone calls to get 60% of the business that's out there.

Why is it so difficult for Sales Professionals to pick up the telephone and offer their product or service? Too often they experience sales call anxiety and usually give the following reasons for not calling new prospects:

-It’s too early to make calls

-More important things need to get done first

-Existing clients need help

-It’s too close to lunch to make calls

-New sales techniques must be mastered first

-No one likes a pushy sales person

-It’s too close to five o’clock

Instead of waiting for the perfect time to make that next prospecting call, Stanley insists that sales professionals need to “Carpe Phonum,” or seize the phone even when they lack courage. More important than learning a phone script, sales professionals need to learn how to get past the script inside their heads; a script that too often keeps them sidetracked all day long from doing what they set out to do.

Carpe Phonum... How to Seize the Phone and Call Prospects Even When You Lack Courage, is available at For information on “Carpe Phonum” as a keynote presentation, contact Tammy Stanley at 480-775-4866.

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