Codex Guidelines To Cause Pandemic ‘Nutricide’ Unless Regulations Are Replaced With New Ones

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International regulations sharply restricting vitamin and mineral availability will literally condemn billions to preventable suffering and death here and abroad if the Codex Alimentarius Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is allowed to take effect as planned. Nutrients like Vitamim C would only be available in ulta low doses making high doese immune protection (for example, for a new flu strain) illegal. A replacement Vitamin and Mineral Guideline has been prepared by a coalition of Health Freedom Advocates which is available for adoption by Codex Member Nations. The Replacement guideline would allow countries, including the US, to avoid the nutritional pandemic by applying principles of US law to classify nutrients as foods, not toxins as Codex does. Rima E. Laibow, MD and Ed Baumann, PhD warned today that the restrictive Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, passed unanimously in Rome this summer, will mandate world wide nutrient intake low enough to damage or kill at least half the world's population. The Replacement Guideline would save those lives and end world under-nutrition.

Experts in nutritional science warned today that the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, approved with strong US government support at the July 2005 Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting, is organized "Nutracide", capable of killing literally billions of people through institutionalized under-nutrition. Limiting effective, but harmless nutrients such as Vitamin C to super-low doses based on the premise that they are dangerous industrial chemicals, large dose to ward off the flu or beat a cold (or cure cancer) would be illegal substances like heroin. This is particularly ominous at a time when the threatened Avian Flu Pandemic, which kills by depleting Vitamin C so rapidly patients die of acute scurvey) makes clear how important high dose vitamin administration could be to save vast numbers of lives.

Rima E. Laibow, MD (Natural Solutions Foundation) and Ed Baumann, PhD (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) joined to point out that Codex Alimentarius "Vitamin and Mineral Guideline" (VMG) relies on "good science gone bad” (toxicology applied to non-toxic, essential substances to determine nutrient levels so low that they have no impact on any human being). Once implemented, VMG will mandate global under-nutrition leading to a huge upsurge in preventable, and nutritionally treatable, diseases of chronic under nutrition. These diseases can be prevented, treated and cured with adequate nutrition and detoxification (removal of toxins). The necessary nutrients, however, will be prohibited under the current Codex regulations.

Since the VMG is based on the idea that nutrients are toxins, if it is implemented here in the US and abroad, as the Codex Alimentarius Commission (a UN Trade Commission) recommends, billions of people will die of the completely preventable degenerative disease of chronic under-nutrition ( i.e., cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.). Under Codex, clinically meaningful nutrient intake at levels high enough to have any impact on the human body will be forbidden since nutrients have been irrationally declared to be toxins (i.e., dangerous industrial chemicals). This determination was spearheaded by Rolf Grossklaus, MD the chairman of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU). Dr. Grossklaus not only believes that nutrition is irrelevant to human health, he is the Chairman of the Board of BfR, a Risk Assessment company which is paid to use Risk Assessment to determine Maximum Permissible Upper Levels (MPULs), the dose of a toxin at which there is no discernable impact of the toxin on a human. Dr. Grossklaus has classified nutrients as toxins in his capacity as Chairman of CCNFSDU, opening the door for BfR to receive payment for nutrient Risk Assessment, regardless of the impact on human if needed nutrients are denied them through Codex compliance.

The Draft VMG allows countries to remain Codex compliant (avoiding crippling World Trade Organization trade sanctions) while ending under-nutrition and increasing world health dramatically through access to protective and therapeutic nutrients.

World Health Organziation (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates of the impact on world population of VMG mandated chronic under-nutrition indicate that, if Codex Alimentarius' VMG goes into global implementation (December 31, 2008), a minimum of 1 billion people can be expected to die from simple starvation. Another minimum of 2 billion people can be expected to die of the chronic diseases of toxicity and under-nutrition which the VMG institutionalizes.

Codex standards are mandatory for member nations (like the US) to adopt unless they show good scientific reason for opposing them. Codex classified nutrients as dangerous industrial toxins in 1994, the same year the US Congress unanimously passed DSHEA which classifies nutrients as food (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act) which, as such, may not have upper limits set upon their use. In fact, Risk Assessment procedures are designed for substances which have only harmful effects on human, not substances which are essential for life and health. There is no scientific evidence or consensus supporting the use of Risk Assessment on substances necessary for life such as nutrients. Abundant scientific evidence from Nutritional Chemistry, a branch of Biochemistry, demonstrates the wide variation in people's need for nutritional materials and makes it clear that toxic exposure and other health challenges increase the need for nutrients, sometimes a thousand-fold or more in order to prevent, treat or cure diseases or conditions which arise from nutrient shortages. This nutrient-shortage category of disease encompasses nearly all of the major killers and disabling diseases in our society.

Nutrients and toxins differ in several fundamental ways which the VMG does not address but which are focused on in the Draft VMG. Nutrients are essential for life processes, while toxins poison them. In fact, toxins, like pesticides, dangerous industrial chemicals, drugs and other potentially lethal substances poison the enzymes upon which all life depends while nutrients support them. Although nutrients cannot rationally be classified as toxins since they pose no meaningful health risk in virtually any dose, Codex classifies them as toxins and uses Risk Assessment procedures designed to determine the largest dose of a deadly compound which can be administered to a human being without any deleterious effect on the body. Biochemistry, and nutritional science allow professional nutritionists and physicians practicing nutritional medicine, on the other hand, to find nutrient dosages which support both the prevention of deficiency diseases, the unique individual nutritional requirements for optimal health and the treatment of chronic, degenerative diseases in the absence of toxicity or side effects.

Dr. Laibow, the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation,, is an expert in Nutritional, Non-Toxic and Environmental Medicine who will present the Keynote Address to the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) on "Codex and ‘Nutricide’, the End of Nutritional Health?" at the annual NANP meeting in San Rafael Oct. 28-30, 2005. Dr. Ed Baumann is the President of the NANP,, a non-profit organization serving holistically trained nutrition professionals.

NANP in conjunction with the Natural Solutions Foundation invite you to attend a joint press conference with Dr. Rima Laibow and Dr. Ed Baumann on October 28th at 5:00 PM at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in San Rafael, CA. The Draft Vitamin and Mineral Guideline will be available at that event. Four Points Sheraton is located at 1010 Northgate Dr, San Rafael, CA (415) 479-8800. Please call Lynn Keller at 925-683-1239 to confirm attendance.


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