Please Excuse My Excuse: Four Ways to Stop Avoiding Responsibility and Take Control of Your Circumstances

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When life goes wrong do you start throwing the blame card at your spouse, your parents or God? Don Schneider, author of “Making the Right Choices for a Great Life, Now and Forever” reveals how you can stop making excuses, start taking responsibility and start attracting success.

Could you be voted Most Valuable Player in the blame game? Are you always blaming your spouse, your parents, God or the IRS when something goes wrong in your life?

You see it in the news, in the workplace and especially in the legal system. Today’s society glamorizes the “victim mentality” and advocates avoiding responsibility. But making excuses does nothing but cripple any chance you have to succeed. To gain respect from others and improve your circumstances you must learn how to take responsibility for your choices and your life.

“Choosing to accept responsibility under challenging conditions isn’t as much fun as blaming the problem on someone or something else,” says Don Schneider, author of “Making the Right Choices for a Great Life, Now and Forever “(Truth in Life Publications, “But doing so will calm arguments, relieve stress, set an example for others and set you free. It is the key to success.”

A successful real estate investor, Schneider speaks nationwide and hosts seminars on the art of making positive choices that will lead to a productive, prosperous life. Schneider believes that good choices are built on a solid foundation; for him that foundation is God.

Here Schneider shares some of the God-given principles that will help you stop making excuses and start accepting responsibility in your sphere:


Admit your mistakes. When you know you are wrong, don’t pretend you were right.


Apologize. It’s amazing what a sincere “I’m sorry” can do to turn around a stressful situation.


Do not blame God or others. Ultimately you made the choice to be where you are. Own up to it.


Remember that you are ultimately responsible to God. Focus on seeking His approval and His direction in order to make the wisest decisions.

Choosing responsibility takes courage and attracts success. Decide today to take responsibility for everything from this point forward!

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Making the Right Choices for a Great Life, Now and Forever

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