Radio Amateur to Raise Funds for British Computer Association of the Blind's 'EyeT4all' Project

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Describe Online star ( Terry Robinson is once again seeking sponsorship for his entry in this year's CQ WW CW (Morse Code) amateur radio contest. This event takes place for 48 hours during the weekend of 26 - 27 November.

Describe Online star ( Terry Robinson is once again seeking sponsorship for his entry in this year's CQ WW CW (Morse Code) amateur radio contest. This event takes place for 48 hours during the weekend of 26 - 27 November.

The object is to establish two-way contact with as many stations throughout the world as possible on six frequency bands. Terry will be taking part from his home in Glasgow, Scotland where he made 1870 contacts in the same event last year. All money raised will go to the British Computer Association of the Blind "Eye T 4 All" project.

This year, with deteriorating conditions, but hopefully with an improved station, Terry will be seeking sponsorship per contact. To add a bit of fun, sponsors are invited to guess Terry's final score - the closest guess will win a copy of our new "Missing Persians File", otherwise known as "Guide Cats II" CD.

Find out more about The Missing Persians File CD at

About the Event

The scoring for this event is quite complex, the number of contacts made is only loosely related to the final score. Contacts within Europe score 1 point, whilst those to other continents score 3. Apart from being divided into countries, the world is divided into 40 zones and it's possible to contact each country and zone on each of the six bands. The final score is the number of points accrued through contacts, multiplied by the number of countries and zones contacted on all bands. Last year, Terry scored just over 700,000 points for his 1870 contacts.

Please complete the form below and send it to:

Terry Robinson,

82 Albert Rd.,

Crosshill, Glasgow

G42 8DR,

or (preferably) complete the form electronically at

Many thanks for your support.

Sponsorship Information:





Amount per Contact:

Maximum number of contacts sponsored:

Maximum amount sponsored (if fixed amount):

Guess score:

To save bank charges, payment may be made electronically to Mr Terry Robinson, by PayPal, via; or by cheque to the above address.

Eye T 4 All - A major Project of the British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB)

Blind and partially sighted people are being left behind when it comes to information technology. Computers and internet connections can be more beneficial to them than for sighted people.

Many blind and partially sighted people experience social isolation. This results from difficulties in getting out of their homes,

finding their way around, and getting information including communicating with other people. Take, for example sending a letter. This presents huge challenges for blind people. Difficulties include: Writing the letter, correcting it, getting an address on to an envelope, putting on a stamp (the correct way up!), finding a post-box and getting to it. When a reply comes, some one must be found to read it.

Blind people just love email. It can be read out immediately through speech synthesis, and replying is just the press of a key. The vast amount of information on the world wide web can replace a personal library of unreadable print books. Information technology has so much to offer blind people. The "EyeT4All" programme is being developed to show blind people what is possible, to enthuse them, and point them in the right direction with affordable solutions and training. The work so far has included seeking and evaluating suitable solutions. This has involved evaluations according to a template

indicating usability and affordability. The programme will not give a theoretical technical approach, but a practical solutions based presentation. A small pilot based on a limited product range, has been run. A one day presentation has been defined and developed.

The programme will be rolled out across various UK locations in the Autumn. Links have been established with local voluntary societies for the blind who are keen to host the days.

All this cannot possibly happen without money. Over £20,000 has already been raised but we need to carry on raising funds to enable this project to benefit as many of the 2 million vision impaired people in the UK alone we can reach.

Copyright BCAB, 2005.

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) is a company limited by guarantee Registered in Scotland No: 155406. Recognised by the Inland Revenue as a Charity in Scotland No: SC023234.

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