Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems [TAPS] Statistics Cover Up Probed By CarGurus

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Request by CarGurus for the disclosure of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems statistics since its inception and why the United States is not less dependent upon foreign oil as a result of this Government supported project.

A request by CarGurus,, for disclosure of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Systems statistics since its inception and why the U.S. is not less dependent upon foreign oil, as was promoted to the public, has been made.

Last week, a request was sent to all U.S Senators and U.S Congressman with working eMail addresses that are accessible to all citizens through eMail. The request is to publicly disclose the whereabouts and the amounts of oil that have been extracted from the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). This is to include any and all oil pumped through TAPS since its inception.

The purpose of this request is to clarify to the public how much the TAPS has reduced our dependency on foreign oil and OPEC’s pricing structures. Transportation, both private and commercial, is affected adversely by the failure to achieve energy and fuel independence. The purpose of our request at CarGurus is to understand why our dependency on foreign oil has increased rather than decreased.

This request is the result of what appears to be a failure of our Government to deliver any meaningful independence from foreign oil, both privately and commercially. Also, there is political denial of both the Republican and Democratic Parties over the previous 36 years failure to produce results in regards to energy independence, due to ineffective political maneuvering.

In addition, no concern for the people who are the consumers of oil products and profit sources for the oil companies are being addressed for the ultimate greater good. The appearance is that there is a lack of disclosure in a straightforward manner, which the people to whom they serve and market their products do deserve. This is the time to wash away promptly any concealment, misrepresentation, twisting or omissions that have occurred obstructing the efficient achievement of complete energy independence.

We sent this Press Release starting last Wednesday the 19th through the 22nd of October to every Senator and Congressperson that has a direct working electronic eMail, which is only about 25% of the entire 535 of the U.S. Congresspersons and Senators.

Mr. & Mrs. America and for that matter any citizen concerned with the escalating gasoline prices are encouraged to ask their Senator or Congressperson at also as we have in regards to this what happened to the results of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System and what needs to be done now to execute and accomplish complete Energy and Oil independence for the United States.

Our editor at CarGurus, awaits any and all relevant responses to this national tragedy caused by archaic business and political procedures.

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