Lisa Beth Older, a NY Divorce Lawyer and Personal Injury Lawyer in New York, Announces Expansion of her Practice to Include Mediation and Other Alternatives to Litigation

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Prominent Divorce Lawyer Lisa Beth Older, has expanded her services to offer mediation services.

Prominent and respected for her legal prowess and assertive representation in Courts throughout New York State and in Federal Court, New York Lawyer Lisa Beth Older has expanded her legal services to offer mediation services in the field of Divorce and Family Law, and now offers FREE consultations in personal injury and accident cases and FREE legal telephone consultations on issues of divorce, separation, and custody issues. All said consultations are strictly confidential.

Attorney Lisa Beth Older, Esq. has a colorful life, having appeared as a television commentator on the Montel Williams Show and on other shows.

She has also successfully represented many celebrities which of course remain unnamed. Lisa Beth Older, Esq. further co-authored "Divorce Tactic with Lisa Beth Older", a video/DVD which gained statewide attention when it was broadcasted on television. This DVD is also available at Lisa Beth Older, Esq. is a personable attorney that puts people at ease. Once nominated to run for town judge, she obviously gained the respect of her community and peer as an assertive, compassionate, and professional trial lawyer in many counties throughout New York State. She has long served her party as the Committee Woman for the Tenth District of Saugerties, New York, and actively contributes to hurricane relief efforts through her donations to Red Cross. She also served as General Counsel to Chet-5 Broadcasting, a radio station, and has also worked with Court TV on television related projects.

Lisa Beth Older co-authored "Divorce Tactic with Lisa Beth Older", a divorce video which gained statewide attention when it was broadcasted on television. She also co-authored and co-produced a television pilot entitled "Where is the Justice" which in essence attempts to review other justice systems throughout the world.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq. produced and authored a short television piece called "Woodstock Law" which will be presented to Court TV for its review by the development department.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq. now brings her wide range of experience, knowledge and wisdom to the field of mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation. Prominent New York divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq., with nearly twenty (20) years of trial experience under her belt, has expanded her services to mediation and collaborative divorce for reasons that speak for themselves. The average middle class family often can often time not afford the costs of litigation and in law review articles throughout the State, New York Judges have been encouraging litigants to try to settle their issues output of court.

This divorce law firm, with offices located in both Kingston New York and New York City offers mediation and collaborative divorce services to parties contemplating divorce or separation. The parties will attempt to successfully settle custody, support and equitable distribution issues in a professional, relaxed and impartial environment, without having to appear in Court.

An experienced attorney will be assigned to help both parties come to understand the issues and settle their differences WITHOUT costly litigation. Collaborative divorces are another new viable alternative to litigation involving experts and counsel appearing for each party. These alternatives to a litigated divorce case where multiple court appearances are required may save the parties thousands of dollars which can best be spent for the parties' other needs such as college for their children, or for other necessaries of life. These services are cost effective for willing participants interested in compromising their problems in a civil manner. It is especially helpful for parties that are civil toward one another and have gotten along in the past. Mediation or collaborative divorce is not the route to take for people who are involved in domestic violence situations or those who have orders of protection against them. These alternative approaches to litigation in divorce and other litigated matters may often times save thousands of dollars for the parties, not to mention the time, the emotional anguish and the painful involvement of the children. These alternatives are especially helpful for parties that are or have been civil toward one another and have gotten along in the past. Mediation or collaborative services are not for people who are involved in domestic violence situations or those who have orders of protection lodged against them.

Mediation services do not involve the representation of any one party. Each party should have independent counsel review their documents before executing same.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq. a New York Divorce Lawyer, still actively provides representation on divorce case both in New York City and upstate New York for individual representation of one party only in hotly contested divorce cases, but will not represent either party to a mediation proceeding.

Lisa Beth Older was admitted to practice law in the State of New York in June 1986; admitted to practice in Federal Court: the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, on December 9, 1988, in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York on May 23, 1991, and in the United States District Court, Northern District of New York on August 29, 1997.You may now avail yourself of her multiple talents by contacting her offices either in Ulster County, or in New York City to set up an appointment, at 212-786-0901 (NYC Divorce Law offices or 845-246-0400 (Ulster County law offices). A sliding scale fee will be offered for eligible participants.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute as legal advice. Consult an experienced New York divorce lawyer before you embark upon any legal proceeding involving any legal matter to inform yourself about your legal rights.


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