WatchBuddy® Watches and Clocks -- Named Top Online Holiday Gift Idea for 2005

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WatchBuddy® Theme Watches and Clocks -- ( -- has been ranked the top online gift idea for Christmas and Hanukkah by Holiday Gift Guide 2005: "They win hearts, delight, inspire and empower human individuality and uniqueness."

WatchBuddy® Watches and Clocks -- ( has been ranked the number one online gift idea for Christmas and Hanukkah by the recently released - Holiday Gift Guide 2005 ( -- "These adorable theme watches & wall clocks are available in almost every imaginable theme and subject to complement and reflect individual tastes, interests, loves or passions. The watches and clocks will delight girls and boys from ages 6 years to 106 years. It is because of this desirability and universality that it is named the top, number one gift idea of 2005."

Sanford Weissbuch, WatchBuddy® Timepieces' Founder and President & CEO of its parent company, Inc. said:

"We are very honored by this number one ranking. We have worked hard to establish a brand of watches and clocks that empowers the individual's uniqueness - his or her tastes, interests, loves and passions.

"In doing this we have established a new standard and paradigm in the "mass market" (generally affordable) watch & clock industry - which heretofore for the most part has neglected people's individuality in order to obtain cost and mass production efficiencies, resulting in - a.) styles you have seen a million times before, b.) mass reproduced and overused licensed logos or character designs, and worst of all, c.) cheap knock-offs of extremely pricey "sophisticated and refined" luxury brand timepieces that come with the admonition - "Get Noticed" and that are all too often promoted in spam emails. In short, timepieces have become mere clichés and shiny trinkets of pretension instead of beloved and cherished possessions.

"WatchBuddy® Watches and Clocks in contradistinction holds the philosophy and belief that people are important, that individuality and the uniqueness of each and every person does matter and should be addressed and that people should be given the means of expressing that uniqueness.

"WatchBuddy® Timepieces' newly launched state of the art website -- -- with its encyclopedic image library (covering almost every imaginable theme or subject), and its proprietary production processes now enables and empowers people to create a "made to order" watch or clock for themselves, a family member or friend that reflects and embodies their unique tastes, interests, loves and passions.

For examples: For dog lovers, cat lovers and horse lovers we have multiple gorgeous image galleries to select from; For sports enthusiasts we have every major league team sport, golf, tennis, Olympic sports, etc.; For aspiring dancers, athletes, and skaters we have images of ballerinas, gymnasts, martial arts, and figure skating themes, etc.; For lovers of nature we have image galleries of everything from butterflies and flowers to birds and wild animals like lions and tigers and bears of all sorts, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos and rhinos to frogs, turtles, bunny rabbits and insects, etc.; for those who have spiritual and religious interests we have angels and themes from most major religions of the world including Christian and Judaica Themes, etc.; in short -- 'you name it we have it' -- and if you don't find what you want -- send us an email and we'll endeavor to find it for you.

"It is our desire to empower 'the individual's uniqueness' that sets WatchBuddy® Brand watches and clocks apart from all other timepieces. The result is that our WatchBuddy® Timepieces are not merely timepieces but are beloved precision timekeeping instruments that delight, inspire and empower people and which embody their unique tastes, interests, loves and passions - and it is this that makes WatchBuddy® the World's Most Lovable™ Watches and Clocks."

Attention Retailers:

WatchBuddy® Timepieces ( because of the vastness of its image library is a unique & powerful resource to retailers. Retailers can now easily select the exact images on the watches and clocks they purchase for resale -- that best fit the theme or specialty of their business, shop, boutique, etc. and that match the interests of their frequent and loyal customers or that most appeal to their targeted demographic. Timepieces can be made to order, small & large runs are welcome. We also have instituted a turnkey dropshipping program which allows retailers to send WatchBuddy® Timepieces directly to their customers without the need to inventory product!

Attention Corporate Gift Buyers:

For information about our - Innovative Turnkey Solution for Acquisition and Distribution of Highly Personalized Promotional, Incentive, Logo and Premium Gifts - see our recent press release -

About WatchBuddy® Brand Products:

WatchBuddy® is a registered trademark brand of watches, jewelry and fashion accessories held by, Inc., a large internet conglomerate bringing unique, innovative and creative products and services to consumers.            

Corporate Contact:

Sanford Weissbuch - President & CEO, Inc. - Watchbuddy® Timepieces

310 277-3543

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