Executive Blueprints Inc Releases On-Line Training Exercises from the Professional Sales Series for Public Access

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Executive Blueprints Inc, an organization dedicated to developing Human Capital and Talent Management, announced today that it will release PDF copies of documents from the Professional Sales Trainer Series. These activities are compact Training Exercises designed to revitalize experienced Relationship Sales professionals and to educate new sales representatives with fundamental customer communication techniques.

Executive Blueprints Inc announced today that copies of training exercises from the Professional Sales Series will be released for public access on-line. These documents were developed for instructors with course preparation outlines, summary objective of the exercise, and a guide for audience participation. This collection of activities was developed by professional trainers to elicit audience activity and conduct memorable demonstrations. Documents are being released in PDF Format for reprint and reuse from http://www.ExecutiveBlueprints.com

The exercises were created to support customized Professional Sales Training courses for a diverse array of customer relationship sales environments. The underlying theme of Relationship Sales Training Program is to identify individual customer requirements and develop the ability to convey the value of the products or services in direct relation to the personal customer benefit. Although Executive Blueprints customizes Sales Training Programs for individual organizations, the exercises offered from this series can be easily adapted to accommodate a wide variety of sales environments.

“Our motivation for providing the free samples is very simple,” explains John Mehrmann, President of Executive Blueprints. “There is always a demand for improving sales, and successful organizations recognize the importance of training and motivating the sales force. We provide customized training programs and consulting services for our clients. These documents are like offering short and focused ‘test drives’ of our methodology.”

Retail sales giants like Best Buy, Circuit City and CompUSA recognize the importance of training sales representatives. These organizations have experimented with on-line training, classroom training and visits from manufacturer representatives to improve knowledge on key product features. Sales representatives are more likely to suggest products if they have specific knowledge of features and benefits. The product knowledge and training courses increase confidence that is transferred to the customer experience.

While some companies may not currently reserve a budget to train sales representatives and develop skills necessary for successful sales professionals, these sample exercises can be integrated into internal training courses with very little or no investment. Once an organization experiences the return on investment, it is easy to justify future cost for training in direct proportion to increased revenue and market share.

Retail Sales organizations are not the only ones to recognize the importance of relationship sales techniques. DELL, Nortel Networks, Gartner Inc and Cisco Systems have coordinated with external consulting firms to develop robust internal sales training courses that emphasize solution sales and customer value. The ability to quickly identify individual requirements and nurture customer relationship sales is fundamental in business to business sales environments. In a highly competitive landscape whereby product features and services have been commoditized, these notable brands have distinguished themselves by successfully training professional sales representative to integrate their products as customer solutions. These companies have leveraged internal talent to gain credibility with customers and increase market share.

“We recognize that some organizations may not have structured programs to develop internal talent. As competitive pressures emerge, companies will continue to realize that they can not afford not to,” said John Mehrmann. “These tools are an opportunity to experiment with challenging the sales staff to think about products and services differently. It takes time and effort to direct company sales focus, but the results can be measured by the bottom line.”

Developing Relationship Sales techniques is important for promoting services as well as products. In many cases, like the cell phone industry and several well known automobile manufacturers, services are used to differentiate the product and develop consumer loyalty. For this reason, Executive Blueprints Inc recommends expanding sales training beyond the front line sales and field managers. To successfully transform the culture in an organization and support relationship sales it is necessary to recognize that every individual contributes to the customer experience and is therefore responsible for promoting a positive brand image.

For additional information, or to download your sample copies of the training tools from the Executive Blueprints Professional Sales, visit http://www.ExecutiveBlueprints.com/pdfpage.htm

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Executive Blueprints Inc provides Executive Training, Strategic Planning and Human Resource Development consulting services. Programs are developed by professionals with years of executive management experience and customized to each participating business to maximize internal intellectual capital. Expanding the investment in Human Capital extends beyond Management Succession Planning and includes individual contributor performance evolution. Programs are available for Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Relationship Sales Training, Market and Benchmark Analysis, Service and Operations efficiency.


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References to Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, DELL, Nortel Networks, Gartner Inc, and Cisco Systems are provided as examples of organizations that have successfully integrated professional sales training programs and are not intended to represent an endorsement for a specific training agency or Executive Blueprints Inc.


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