U.S. Senate Candidate Sheeler Blasts Bush-Cheney for Gutting the American Dream

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A 45 year-old, progressive business owner, educator and former Marine charged the Bush administration with gutting the American Dream and betraying the public's trust over the war in Iraq. He announced his candidacy at a troubled High School, and defined himself as a self-styled '70's-era Democrat. He blames a one party system and the absence of true campaign finance reform for a system where candidates are feeding from the same wealthy and large corporate interests' campaign contribution trough while ignoring every day Americans' needs.

Let’s ensure all of our children and elderly are covered with health care. How can we allow 45 million Americans to be uncovered?

Carl Sheeler, a 45-year-old, business owner, educator and former Marine, announced his bid for U.S. Senate. He thanked his "underrepresented" supporters for their turnout and Joe Trippi, advisor to Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

"No more American blood for foreign oil. The moral imperative of this nation is its domestic security: to rebuild our American communities; to reinvest in our education and law enforcement; to enable small businesses to grow and provide good paying jobs; to make access to health care and alternative energy a near term priority; and to ensure equal rights and fair opportunities to all residents of our country," Sheeler said.

Sheeler continued “I support our young troops. I’m against the Bush-Cheney Monarchy and their blood for Saudi oil, war in Iraq. Their war is based on lies and greed.” While holding a quart of Exxon-Mobil motor oil, Sheeler extolled "I honor our American troops and their families. Is a quart of oil worth any American lives?”

"I’m not prepared to wait until there are 2,000 more body bags of American troops. Osama bin Laden. He was Saudi. So were the 9/11 terrorists. Bush should tell his Royal Saudi buddies to defend their own oil with their money and mercenaries!"

”We’re borrowing $20 billion a month from China for this war instead of investing in our future. What do we say to our grandkids and kids, who we want to see educated and prosper? What do we say to families this winter when there’s no money for heating?"

"Our system has been corrupted. This administration gutted our American Dream. The late Senator Paul Wellstone made it his mission to rebuild it. I will, too. Politicians are beholden to their contributors. Elected office is not for sale to the highest bidder! When did “Leave no Child Behind”, become leave no contributor behind?! This is why I support campaign finance reform. Government is supposed to provide for the common good, not access and influence only for the few. From this day forward a vote for me is a vote against Bush!"

"We can’t have a one party system masquerading as a two party system. Organized people can overcome organized money,” Sheeler said.

"We need to balance our budget. This means restoring wealth taxes to 2001 levels. There's no free lunch when the federal government cuts taxes. State and local governments increase them or cut services. It increases our local property tax burdens. It has gutted the education for our young and care for our elderly.

Sheeler, a former Combat and Staff Officer, went on. "In the Marines we say – “Leave no one behind.” This is my pledge to you. Let’s ensure adequate first response and domestic security by hiring and training more police, fire and emergency rescue personnel. This investment increases our property values and the quality of life in our communities."

"We need a viable alternative energy policy that is achieved in three years, not 30 that ensures stronger domestic independence; yet, this administration, through the Patriot Act, could reinstate the draft and, if necessary, go to war for oil… again; maybe, next time with China.

"Let’s ensure all of our children and elderly are covered with health care. How can we allow 45 million Americans to be uncovered?"

Finally, Sheeler challenged “Rights are equal and for all people on American soil. Religious freedom should be respected and remain separate from government policy.”

Sheeler stated, "Let’s pave the way for a Democratic President, whether, (s)he's a man or a woman. Chafee is a Republican; one of 55 in the U.S. Senate of 100. If they gain five more seats, Bush effectively becomes a monarch leaving us behind in his empire."

"Entering public service is an honor and a privilege – not a step towards personal gain or a legacy. We have to roll up our sleeves and give our lives greater purpose by giving back to our communities through participation. You can help by volunteering, sharing my message, a letter to the editor or a much needed contribution. With your help and prayers, it’d be a privilege to represent you, as your working U.S. Senator. A wee bit of help from the media would be nice, too. Let’s get ready to rumble!"


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