New Book: Heirloom - Author B.C. Brooks Interviewed

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Ponce de Leon's famous "Fountain of Youth" is now discovered and it's secrets revealed. In B.C. Brooks' new time-travel adventure titled HEIRLOOM, the Fountain of Youth is found to be none other than Ichetucknee Springs in Fort White, Florida.

Travel back to 1808 when naval officer Stephen Hathorne (a cousin of author Nathaniel Hawthorne) is shipwrecked on the coast of what was then La Florida, a Spanish colony. He meets three natives there that lead him on a trek past St. Augustine to find an old family friend who now, with centuries-old native allies, guards the spring whose properties have kept them alive for so long. There, Hathorne is launched into the future to discover love and ultimately, danger as he exposes an evil plot to destroy his family and history itself.

In Brooks' new book, readers will find Native American culture and ceremony, St. Augustine as it was in 1692, 1781 and 1808, travel the road north from La Florida to Virginia, experience the horror of the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692 and fight pirates off the coast of New England. Readers will also experience love between two people that can never be broken, even by death. Brooks describes his historical romance with a twist of science fiction that includes time travel, witches, pirates, and an evil henchman from the future. It will even introduce the first USS Enterprise, the US Navy's first "lucky little" Enterprise. Also experience living with Timucuan natives and their cousins, the Ais, Arawak, and Seminole. Travel the colonial roads of early America from Itchetucknee & St. Augustine to Salem, Massachussetts. See the Battle of Yorktown in Virginia, where Washington defeated Cornwallis and gave birth to the United States of America. And explore romantic St. Augustine, Florida in three time periods.

And all of this is because of a tiny device invented in the late 21st century, a watch of immense power and historical significance. Heart-stopping action and adventure -- time is ours!

And the best time is now. The book is available for $29.95 at or find it at or or It is also available for download at $9.95 at Lulu Publishers (address above).

It is 564 pages long and available in soft cover 6" by 9" format.

Author B.C. Brooks is available for special events and signings. You can reach him at books(at)delabrooke(dot)com. He is currently living in Greenville, North Carolina, finishing his Master's degree in Maritime Studies. Brooks is also the recipient of multiple academic awards in North Carolina. He says that living 30 miles away from "Blackbeard's" home in Bath, NC is a great inspiration to his sense of living history. Numerous entries can be found on his history blog at

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