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Online dating service Fitness Singles offers single women and men a fitness-themed site where they can find like-minded individuals.

Online singles websites have been in decline in recent years. Much like the fate of network television following the onslaught of cable, broad-appeal services have lost ground to niche sites that target specific demographic groups. One niche-dating directory that is growing in popularity is Fitness Singles ( Here, Chris Mattioli of Fitness Singles answers questions related to the online dating game.

How did Fitness Singles get started?

We formed Fitness Singles because we are personally committed to the fitness lifestyle, and noticed that fitness was underrepresented in the online dating field. As single women or men would view fitness as a desirable characteristic in a prospective partner, they decided to launch a site tailored to the fitness lifestyle.

What exactly do you mean by a fitness lifestyle?

For many single men and women, living an active, fit existence isn’t just a choice, but a way of life that involves a commitment of time, energy, and passion. Naturally, finding a relationship partner that shares a similar lifestyle is critical for compatibility, and many struggle to meet like-minded partners that share that commitment.

Why should people go to your site rather than any of the other well-known online dating service sites out there?

Our site acts as a filter -- a way to meet fitness people rather than the general public who may not be into fitness. It helps fitness enthusiasts to find compatible people in a fun, private, secure environment. Fitness Singles provides them with a friendly, low-key venue to mingle, get to know each other and decide how far to take the relationship.

What does your site have that others don’t?

The biggest differences are a) we service dozens of specific fitness niches and make it easy for likeminded individuals to meet, and b) we have established a “fitness web date” using instant messaging and web cam technology. You can literally meet prospective singles and screen them virtually face to face in the comfort of your own living room.

How much better are the odds that a fit single woman or single man will find success on your site compared to one of the other more general dating sites?

You can gain access to millions of people at a general, online dating service. But those millions are worthless if they are not in the right category. By catering to one specific niche, we raise the chances of finding the right partner by at least tenfold (OR we make it far easier for individuals to make the right match).

Why don’t fit people simply try to meet others at the gym or while running in a marathon?

People tell us that they feel awkward trying to meet people in a gym or in a sporting environment. And with leisure time diminishing these days, they don’t have the time to visit bars and clubs. In fact, those genuinely interested in fitness are not particularly attracted to “barflies” and tend to avoid bars. They prefer to meet other singles who share their preference for fitness activities.

How would you define a fit person? Are we talking about body builders or those with a six pack?

No. Fitness Singles is intended for beginning, intermediate and advanced sports and fitness enthusiasts. We have thousands of members who spend only a few hours a week at a specific activity, ranging all the way up to thousands more who are willing to invest many hours a day. The common denominator is a passion for activity and physical fitness.

What types of fitness activities do you focus on?

The site covers the gamut of fitness activities. As well as running, bodybuilding, yoga, hiking and cycling, we cater to more specialized niches such as archery, table tennis and wind surfing.

Why must fitness-oriented singles date other fitness people? Why not meet a wider range of individuals?

Fitness people motivate each other to continue a fitness lifestyle. Some like to spend 2 to 3 hours per day at their chosen fitness activity. Others might prefer to invest every weekend in activities such as kayaking, rock climbing or surfing. If they have a partner who does not share that commitment, it can either lead to distance in the relationship, or to the person having to abandon their fitness goals.

By reading through the bios of people using other services, I noticed that many voiced frustration. Why is that?

The usual complaint about online dating sites is that by trying to be all things to all people, they end up being of little benefit to anyone. So when fitness-oriented singles find out about Fitness Singles, they become really excited. They tell us that this is what they have been looking for.

I noticed that most of the people featured on your site look quite hot. Is that realistic, or are you trying to make it look more attractive to others?

It’s very real. The fact is fit people look healthier and more attractive. The profile photos on our site are of actual individuals that sign up for Fitness Singles.    

If these people are so hot, why is it they can’t get a date?

Unfortunately, these people have busy lifestyles. As a result, they find themselves in a quandary. Do they cut down on their hours at the gym or enjoying their favorite activity in order to have time to meet others; or do they resign themselves to the fact that loneliness is the price they have to pay for staying committed to a fitness lifestyle. Our site gives single women and men a way to resolve that problem.


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