A British Couple Participating in One of the Greatest Modern Day Challenges has Received Official Confirmation They Have Successfully Broken the Worlds most Demanding World Record

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Simon and Monika Newbounds have ridden over 185,000 km and straight into the record books on a journey which has taken so far three and half years. Simon and Monika are set for a emotional reunion tomorrow when for the first time in three and half years they will be reunited with their daughter Kelly a serving member of the British Army who shall be returning to Andover after a tour in Basra Iraq with the RLC.

Simon and Monika "Spirits of Adventure" have not only exceeded the previous world record by 21,000 kilometers they are more than half way to their second world record of 102 countries in one journey and its an adventure they expect to complete by 2007. Incredibly for Monika this is her first journey after only four days of lessons - from novice to world record breaker in 1400 days.

Simon a former Chief Petty Officer in the Submarine Service and Monika are quick to thank BMW GB for their sponsorship and have no doubt his training in the Royal Navy where he served for 20 years played a major part in their record success. The Royal Navy and of course a new generation BMW motorbikes gave me the confidence to challenge the world’s most demanding terrain and not once did we ever consider quitting.

Simon and Monika riding two powerful new generation BMW motorcycles (BMW R1150GS and BMW F650GS) have completed a total overland circumnavigation of the world from West to East namely Dublin Ireland to St Johns Newfoundland North America. They have transited 54 countries and rode above the Arctic circle on three different continents.

Wherever they have been, they have been well-received by kind and generous people. In Kazakhstan, a new state of Russia, they were given an apartment stocked with food and a tour of the city by the Department of Tourism and taken to a traditional dinner banquet where they were served horse testicles and sheep’s eyes. The mayor of the city presented them with a beautiful handmade rug. In his speech he said to the Newbound’s, “Your adventure and courage are what we in Kazakhstan are all about.”

In Mongolia they rode and lived amongst the Nomads. In China they were given permission to camp on the Great Wall of China and in North America they experience unparalleled generosity, which meant being adopted in almost every state and province they visited and given personal tours of the local attractions.

Simon and Monika are delighted to be back in England, It has been three and a half years since we saw our families, it will certainly an emotional day when we see the returning heroes of the British Army which includes our daughter Kelly a member of the Royal Logistic Corp based near Andover.

Simon and Monika are quick to say although we live in troubled times we are delighted to say through our adventure and experiences that to ride two BMW motorbikes around the world is a incredible life changing experience. When people in foreign countries see us on our motorbikes it always brings out the best in them, it makes them smile, it makes them dream, it makes them want to be part of our adventure.

Simon and Monika would also like to thank the British Embassies around the world and the FCO Travel departments for their up to the minute advice.


Simon and Monika now they have received confirmation of their world record success are selling Simon bike for charity and hoping to raise 50,000 sterling for ward 15 of the Royal Manchester Hospital. BIKE Money to be paid directly to the charitys department of the RMCH.

The Newbound’s providing they can get sponsorship which they desperately need to continue their double record quest have no doubts they have the stamina to complete the double world record challenge even though what they have undertaken is a serious test of their ability, endurance, diplomacy. We have the drive and enthusiasm and we ride new generation BMW motorcycles, we have been a great team and have no doubt we will achieve our goals. “Living the dream and experiencing the world’s rich diversity of culture is what we have both looked forward to.” For Simon and Monika the new endurance GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDERS, freedom is a soul with wheels.

Simon and Monika are seeking sponsors to help them achieve their double record quest. Simon who has the determination of somebody who has served in the military all his adult life and says "We have come so far to smash the the first world record surely there is somebody that will help us fly the flag for Great Britain so we can achieve in full, our objectives of breaking two world records. Please please help us."

DV Video and High Quality ImaSimon and Monika have ges available for Broadcast.

We chose the BMW bikes because of the extensive dealer network, their unparalleled reputation in the field of adventure travel. Simon says he wanted shaft drive because it was maintenance free and the shaft would easily out last 30 chain and sprocket sets. The fuel injection system allows them to cope with high altitude and various octane changes. Monika chose the F650GS because you can fill the petrol tank full whilst it is on the side stand, it has a low centre of gravity and more than anything because of their lack of our lack of mechanical knowledge they both insisted on bikes that where low maintenance and all terrain. Their decision has been totally justified because after 185,000 kilometers their has not been any serious problems and Simon says it was 51000 miles before the R1150GS needed a tappet adjustment.

They used Sony Vaio Laptop, Walkmans and DV Camera which lasted the test of time and still as good today as when we departed.

We used Canon Cameras which excelled in every department and every terrain and condition.

They are using Gamin GPS and BMW GPS Navigation Systems which is essential for Navigation, Auto routing, Gamin GPS and BMW Navigation Systems provides Safety assurance as we can have exact routes and data points entered before the days journey starts and Gamin GPS provides the proof of their track logs.

Simon and Monika use Bill Mayor saddles which allows them to be comfortably seated for up to 10 hours and 800 kilometers per day.

Jesse Luggage systems provide the aluminium panniers which provide security, waterproof and quick release storage systems. Jesse Luggage Systems are robust and perfectly designed for such adventures as ours with a capacity of over 500 litres they provide Simon and Monika with the storage they need. Jesse luggage systems provide the following system facilities, water proof, lightweight, secure, aerodynamic, quick release, 10 litre water storage, Tent stowage, external racks, clothes bags, auxiliary electric feed harness and sockets.


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