Data Mining, Algorithms & High Tech Tools to Increase ROI From Email Campaigns

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New technology from ActivSoftware. XM Mail Server provides the ability for business managers to connect directly from their email server to corporate databases. This provides the ability to data mine to increase effectiveness and ROI of email campaigns.

ActivSoftware, Inc. ( a Central New York-based software production and marketing firm, that recently announced its email delivery algorithm, now announces its data mining capabilities. ( Databases have been used for decades to attempt to glean insights into customer behavior. Businesses typically have seen databases as a way to effectively store and retrieve customer contact information, then later, to pinpoint the exact moment and situation when an individual is most likely to make a purchase. Many interesting patterns have been uncovered regarding when people buy what, and why.

Unfortunately, for as long as databases have been used for business purposes, much of the data gathered goes unused. In an effort to use databases beyond simply contact information and to track trends managers began to use statistical analysis, algorithms, and other tools to pool and mine for relevant data. Mostly, databases do not provide viable business intelligence. Not always due to the fact that the intelligence does not exist in the data, but due to the fact that it was stored incorrectly, or inefficiently, in the first place. This makes it difficult to gather business intelligence from the data.

Even now there continues to be books written to help managers efficiently save, then retrieve business intelligence. From the five star ranked book, Mining the Web, by Gordon S. Linoff, Michael J. A. Berry and Michael J. A. Berry, "Introduces business and technical managers to the exciting new frontier in database technology. Web sites gather a lot of detailed information about customers. Unfortunately, most companies lack the means to use that information to improve their marketing and customer support functions."

New technology from ActivSoftware, Inc. provides the ability for XM Mail Server ( to directly query and communicate with corporate databases from across the corporate platforms. According to Sales and Marketing Director, Rob Thrasher, "This empowers marketers with the ability to mine databases to drive dynamic email campaigns in real time. This propels email personalization leaps and bounds beyond just first name and last name. Anybody can say hi to you using your first name, but no other email technology offers the ability to send hyper-personalized text, offers, product lines, surveys, etc. This technology is so vast that a marketer could send one million different emails to one million people and EVERY single one could be different with little or no work on behalf of the marketer."

A quote from the Web site: "Data mining is a widely accepted technology used for extracting hidden patterns from data. It is used to solve many business problems like identifying cross-sell or up-sell opportunities for specific customers based on customer profiles and purchasing patterns. Additional uses for data mining are to predict which customers will convert, how to create effective email marketing campaigns, detect fraud and identify natural segments."

About ActivSoftware

ActivSoftware currently seeks software industry professionals for its board of directors. ActivSoftware has been building email communications tools since 2000. It recently launched a full suite of eMail software Server tools meant to increase email delivery and ensure email is a more valuable business asset. The enterprise-level, email application server list management system bundle ensures email deliverability whether you’re conducting email campaigns or, in any way, using email for business communications. ( ActivSoftware was founded by four partners and continues as an employee owned and operated firm. ActivSoftware began building and marketing dynamic Web tools in the late nineties. ActivSoftware sold the first copy of ActivEdit in 1999 and continued to build dozens of server-side software tools for Web developers.


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