Inspired Vision Enterprises, Inc. Releases the First Psychological Self Help Book for Men who Are Suffering Large Swollen Breasts and Soar Nipples (Gynecomsatia)

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Millions of men around the world are suffering with a little known condition of male breast enlargement and swollen nipples called Gynecomastia. Inspired Vision Enterprises has developed the first 5 step program to help overcome this challanging condition both physically and emotionally.

Gynecomastia has long been a constant menace to men around the world who have suffered with this discouraging and often emotionally crippling condition.

Gynecomastia is extremely embarrassing to men because it distorts their chest and nipples. This condition actually can cause men to grow breasts like women and also cause swelling in the areolas. Gynecomastia often causes feelings of embarrasement and shame for most suffering with the condition. Men, who live with this condition for over two years often have social adjustment problems and sometimes end up with severe emotional damage which can affect all aspects of life. Many men with gynecomastia have reported abusing drugs and alcohol as a form of coping with this embarrassing condition.

Inspired Vision Enterprises, Inc. has developed the first complete Psychological guide to overcome the physical aspects of Gynecomastia.

Inpired Vision Enterprises is incorporated in the state of California and has been conducting experiments over the past year in an attempt to develop a system to help men suffering with gynecomastia overcome the physical and emotional damage which is often associated with the condition.    

Inspired Vision Enterprises, Inc. conducted experiments with five male volunteers who were suffering with Gynecomastia. The volunteers identity was kept confidential due to this being a very private and sometimes embarrassing matter to most men. The volunteers were all given the book written by the the CEO of Inspired Vision Enterprises and were instructed to follow the steps outlined in the chapters verbatum.

After four months all of the volunteers reported back for a follow up survey on the progress of their treatment. All five volunteers reported feeling happier and more confident about their body and chest. Also, all five volunteers followed the suggestions given to raise the necessary funds for cosmetic surgery to correct the chest disfiguration (which can range in price anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars). After only four months, the five volunteers had all raised the money neccessary to pay for the corrective surgery.

For more infomation about the causes and treatments of Gynecomastia there are a number of medical resources which explain the physiology of the male chest in greater detail.    

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