Shiatsu Secrets of Touch Revealed in Ground-Breaking New Book

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Master of the Zen School Kris Deva North and the Taoist Master Mantak Chia combine their years of teaching and depth of knowledge and experience to create a compelling journey through the secret pressure points of Chinese Medicine.

The authors trace Shiatsu Secrets of Touch from origins at the Court of the legendary Yellow Emperor through 4,000 years to its relevance for modern times: combining loving touch with healing power.

“These practices have been studied for centuries in both East and West,” says Mantak Chia. “Chinese and Japanese traditions combined the study of reproductive systems with medicine: certain pressure-points and meridians were found to stimulate and sustain desire. Using the secrets of these points and channels makes for longer and more pleasurable encounters. Peak moments can be prolonged beyond bliss, into ecstasy. Like cooking a Chinese meal, preparation is the key.”

“Yes, you can become far more effective,” adds Kris Deva North. “Woman, man, straight, gay and bi, you can please your partner and please yourself. The act itself is natural. You know what to do. It is the moments leading up to the act which make it more or less pleasurable for your partner. Women fear insensitivity. Men fear inability to perform. Both fear rejection. Knowing the psycho-sensual secrets of certain pressure points helps you become better, however good you are already. Are you stimulated more quickly, your partner more slowly? It’s quite usual for the man to peak first. Woman comes to the boil more slowly but simmers longer. He’s done in, she ready for more."

Based on the form of a conventional shiatsu treatment, the text and pictures give detailed guidance, showing precisely where to place the hands -- and other body-parts -- to stimulate and sustain peak experience.

Many of the pressure points from shiatsu healing massage are shown with their more arcane applications, sometimes with passing reference to the clinical use, for example:

“Conception Vessel 1, known as the Gate of Life and Death, so named because the retention of energy is said to prolong life, has subtle use as stimulation point for both genders, especially good for prolonging male energy. Clinical use is said to be able help with prevention and relief of symptoms of some prostate conditions.”

Self-shiatsu is well covered, with exercises for men and women to keep themselves at the peak of fitness, and the women’s practice of using the famous Chinese Drilled Jade Egg is described in detail.

A chapter on what to look for in a partner, from astrological compatibility to physical attributes as indicators of performance, is followed by advice on coping with energy-vampires and parasites.

It is the Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s twenty-first book, and the first by Kris Deva North, Master of the Zen School of Shiatsu. The book shows a profound knowledge of the subject, which it conveys with a light touch and hundreds of color photographs.

Published by Universal Tao Publications for release in the UK 5th November.

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