Increase Lung Capacity by 600% with a Simple Five-Minute Exercise

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70 year-old Chi Master to NFL players, Olympians, and professional athletes reveal lifelong teachings on video. Master Lu’s creation refines the most advanced art in history, “Chi Kung,” into an easy to learn exercise.

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Studies show that a normal person uses less than one-sixth of his lung capacity, breathing in only a pint (500 mL) of air in every breath, while average lungs could hold up to 5800 mL of air. This means that the unused portions of the lungs are inactive, containing stagnant air.

Although the lungs are forced to intake more air during exercise, the breathing quickly returns to normal after the exercise. However, if a person can constantly breathe in more air, the health benefits would prove to be endless.

Former New York Jets Wide Receiver, Johnny “Lam” Jones says, “the breathing exercises are great for improving your cardiovascular… If the athlete will combine Master Lu’s training with his individual sport, I believe without a doubt, he will gain that extra edge that increases his chance of winning the battle in any sport.”

Eastern philosophy believes good health comes from a balanced body, because every part of us is interconnected. The cardiovascular system cannot carry out its duties for the body unless the pulmonary (lungs) system contributes its share faithfully. The combined system with the heart and lungs working is already commonly identified as the cardiopulmonary system. The heart then affects other internal functions, and so on. Only a breathing method is able to take advantage of a person’s only half voluntary internal organ to closely influence other internal workings of the entire body. Respiratory specialists believe that many internal ailments can easily be prevented if a person simply used 1/3 of his lung capacity. Using over 2/3 is believed to reverse various long-term health problems. Unfortunately, there has never been a way to consistently increase an individual’s active lung capacity to such a degree, until now.

“Chi Kung” is the practice of cultivating Chi, often translated as air, energy, or the source of life. Unfortunately, most Chi Kung practices we see today are much beyond our understanding. Practicing Chi Kung usually involves many complex methods in attempt to control chi within inner organs, which people simply cannot do without the right training. Master James Lu realized this obstacle in his early practices and came up with a simple solution. He thought, “if it’s so difficult to control where the Chi goes, why not begin by absorbing more chi; enough to overflow throughout body.” With that in mind, Master Lu spent years of researching and learning different forms of Chi Kung, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and every martial art to be thought of. His resources also included ancient scrolls and history books uncovered in the most remote areas of Mainland China. The result is Master Lu’s 8-Step Lift Up Series, created for today’s modern society and environment. Exercises are short, intensive, easy to learn, and immediately effective.

The first step: The Five Elements Breathing Program, is now available on DVD at Master Lu says, “You will experience 90% of the benefits of my 8-step series just by learning step one.” Following steps includes exercises focused on joint strengthening, energy cultivation, improving meridian flow, internal / external physical impact endurance, speed, sexual energy, and biological energy transference. Although there are only a handful of people in the world with such knowledge and ability, Master Lu believes everyone should learn them to improve their quality and duration of life.

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