Every Holiday Season Brings A Surprise 'Must Give' Book; This Year's Top Choice Is The Beautifully Written Novel 'Las Cruces,' By JT Fisher

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Previous years saw the holiday rush for surprise favorites such as "Prayer of Jabez," and "Tuesdays With Morrie," which became sought after prizes for holiday gift giving, and eventually rose to best seller status.

PublishAmerica, the fastest growing book publisher in the U.S., is betting on a surprise hit this year, with its recently released action adventure novel "Las Cruces" already rising to top seller status on college campuses, primarily on word of mouth promotion.

Every holiday season finds a best seller arise from the overstuffed bookshelves of the country's bookstores, somehow surmounting tall stacks of slick tomes from name brand authors.

In recent years, niche books such as "The Prayer of Jabez," "Tuesdays with Morrie," and "Five People You Meet In Heaven," by Po Bronson, have become runaway hits and favorites for holiday gift giving. What they share in common, is limited to fine writing and a theme, whether fictional or otherwise, that somehow strikes a nerve, and resonates with things that readers care about at that time.

The popularity of "Las Cruces" since its release in late July, has been sweeping, especially among the young adult set that have quickly spotted it online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"Las Cruces" is a novel about drugs, money, big business, organized crime, and government agents stirring in the midst of it all. The story begins in sunny, idyllic Southern California, and quickly moves to the Florida tropics, where dangerous business makes life seem easier than it really is. For a young man who slips into this illicit world spread among a tangled web of small landing strips in remote Caribbean hideaways, this is where the trouble starts, and the point from where it quickly gets wildly out of control.

Running from it all, seemingly to the legitimacy of New York's tony Wall Street investment banks, danger not only follows, but awaits, with good guys and bad guys changing places, and Jake Reyes consistently crossing the wrong ones, at just the wrong time. Now, with time running out, and danger closing in, he has to risk a complex plan of escape which will take him right into the heart of danger, on the way to redemption.

"Las Cruces" was released in July 2005, and is available at all major bookstores, and most online booksellers, including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, W.H. Smith, Chapter 11 Books, and Borders.

The author, J.T. Fisher, is a native of Newport Beach, California, and presently lives and writes in Marietta, Georgia. Mr. Fisher is a rising southern writer, presently refining his craft as a member of the esteemed Georgia Writers Association. "Las Cruces" is his first novel.

"Las Cruces" is beautifully written, spanning the U.S. and Mexico to bring together a tale of action and adventure in dangerous places. Recently rated the most popular fiction novel on college campuses in 2005, Las Cruces is set to be this year's "must have, must give" book.

While many name brand publishers and authors make a timely run to market to take advantage of the important holiday buying season, bookstores are always on the lookout for breakaway hits that grow in popularity on little more than word of mouth, and quickly are in short supply.


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