Uncovering a Design Teams Challenge Areas through Formal Discovery

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Knowing where the challenges exist within a product design team is the first step in defining future improvements. Although individuals may be well aware of areas for improvement, the odds of knowing them all is limited. Collectively having the knowledge of “all” the issues that each design team member deals with on a project, allowing the team to be well armed for implementing improvements. The formal discovery process brings the essential knowledge to eliminate the challenges, paving the way for specific improvements in the product design process.

The design process for semiconductor devices is complex in nature and complexity increases dramatically as the number of designers participating on chip design escalates. The interfaces to each other as well as their internal customers must be crisply executed to realize the ideal product development timeline necessary in today’s marketplace. Ensuring that the deliverables from each team member meets the receiver’s expectations, for every step in the design process, is what delivers the essential crispness of these interfaces.

Understanding where disconnects in expectations exist for every step in the design process, takes dedicated research. Each specific challenge is generally not be visible to the entire team. Small pockets of team members that deal with a specific step or sequence will be aware of an issue, however they will usually quietly deal with it without any fanfare. Left unchecked, these challenges slowly and quietly eat away at the schedule, leaving behind unexplained schedule slips.

The research necessary to identify the largely unknown challenge areas is best accomplished through a formalized discovery process. This course of action is a series of one on one interviews and group brainstorming sessions targeted at uncovering areas that thwart the crispness of each step interface in the design sequence. Discovery must concentrate on finding the subtle, behind the scenes disconnects, allowing the team to solution them.

The discovery process Jorvig Consulting offers has been designed to provide the depth required to uncover the issues that subtly erode your schedule, keeping businesses from meeting their market window. Knowing where to look, what questions to ask and having the ability to energize the team in discovering areas for improvement is a key benefit we provide to our customers.

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