Finally, An Intermodal Cargo Security System That Really Works

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The destructive visits by Katrina, Rita and Wilma, although lacking the potential of any good outcome, unwittingly aided in the process of validating the technology, functionality of the system, operational processes and our business model. Under the worst possible conditions, it all worked… and it works really well.

Asset Tracking Logistics And Security LLC (ATLAS) – “The destructive visits by Katrina, Rita and Wilma, although lacking the potential of any good outcome, unwittingly aided in the process of validating the technology, functionality of the system, operational processes and our business model. Under the worst possible conditions, it all worked… and it works really well”, said Dr. Bob Sewak, VP Special Projects, for ATLAS.

For several years now, on a number of fronts, very quietly, very privately and with little or no fanfare, the Asset Tracking Logistics And Security LLC (ATLAS) team has been pioneering and establishing new frontiers for intermodal cargo security. One such example is their Project PILOT. Over the past 6 months, ATLAS – in collaboration with eScreen Sensor Solutions, Inc., Seaboard Marine, and Maritime Protective Services, Inc. – has been carrying out a unique, one-of-a-kind, proof of performance/concept, investigative research study. Dubbed The Performance, Integration, Logistics, Operations Test or PILOT, the project has produced a greater yield of meaningful data, experience and information than could ever have been expected when it was originally conceived and structured.

Designed with intent to further the business, developmental and research objectives of the collaborating participants in a manner consistent with their individual, mutual, and collective interests – the project wrestled with a series of unfortunate, difficult and seemingly impossible obstacles while getting underway. If tackling the multiple issues of security, safety, tracking, tagging, surveillance and monitoring of intermodal cargo shipping weren’t daunting enough, consider things like: education, training, language, familiarization, government regulation and oversight – both here in the U.S. and abroad and the complexity of the situation, comes better into focus.

However, due to the unexpected disasters – brought on by an unrelenting series of merciless hurricanes – ATLAS was presented with a host of unusual and novel opportunities to really test its integrated, state-of-the-art Tracking, Logistics and Security (TLS) technologies by putting them to good use servicing those who were helping those who were suffering in the devastation of these horrible storms.

“Intelligent containers” – donated to rescue and aid services from Miami/Dade County by ATLAS’s Seaboard Marine partner – outfitted with ATLAS equipment, were tracked and monitored from stuffing to distribution… and made for a more efficient and effective delivery of much needed supplies and relief materials by those most in need in areas of the Gulf Coast region hit hardest by Katrina and Rita. At the same time, ATLAS benefited by being able to “watch” its systems perform under a unique set of real world conditions.

Then along came Wilma. Hitting closer to home… and the “testing” got more complicated and rigorous – operate with: no power, no telecommunications, no gas and no excuses. And, once again, the preparation and planning experience of the ATLAS team paid off.

The company’s facility, specially designed to handle situations exactly like this, performed admirably. Monitoring and surveillance didn’t skip a beat. Power loss was overcome almost instantly (40 seconds) with all systems up and running – literally, no down time. And even though it took all most 48 hours to regain telephone communications (through Bell South Special Services), any required and/or necessary telephonic exchanges could be handled through cellular, satellite or fiber optic links. Once again, the ATLAS commitment of providing the best possible service today with design standards of the future – proved out.

Through all of this (and more), one thing became abundantly clear: no one else is anywhere near producing the level of sophistication and associated systems functionality than that which ATLAS is developing. The ATLAS Monitor Series* may very well be THE state-of-the-art in intermodal asset tracking and security. ATLAS has the only system that invokes applications that can provide and can process tag-to-container; container-to-container (CTC); and container-to-network data collection for selective and discriminate data sharing, distribution and reporting. And, the ATLAS systems are capable of transmitting data and information, over a unique hierarchal, multi-modal radio frequency communications system which incorporates the capabilities of: GSM, GPS, GPRS, SMS and SATELLITE and operates 24/7/365 around the world, in “real-time”.

According to John Bennett, CEO of ATLAS, “Clearly we’ve achieved a completely new level of application development value. Considering the fact that there don’t appear to be many other ‘real players’ in the marketplace, I’m not so sure we’ve been fair by raising the bar so high for the competition. That is, of course, when (or if) they decide to make an appearance”.


About ATLAS:

ADDRESS: 1052 S. Powerline Rd. Deerfield Beach, Fl. 33442     PHONE: 1-954-428-6880

Along with its sister company Maritime Protective Services, Inc (MPS), ATLAS has been recognized as a major force in the critical dimensions of maritime, intermodal and transportation security. Accordingly, both firms continue to diligently pursue well-deserved leadership positions around the globe. Committed to setting the standard, through unique integrated-discipline methodology, each has consistently been able to respond directly to the diverse and demanding needs of an impressive international client group, including: prominent seaports, shipping companies, shipping lines, petro-chemical and other industry leaders as well as governments and government regulatory agencies.

Acknowledged by the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Maritime Administration, the U.K. Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, the U.K. Transportation Security Directorate, Bureau Veritas, and a host of other governing and regulatory authorities throughout the world as providing exceptional services proficiently and professionally, MPS has established a firm position at the forefront of: training, education, compliance, management, administration and consulting in a wide range of categories and fields including: International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA), the ILO’s Code of Practice (COP). While ATLAS has diligently pioneered new territory with technologies and systems designed to provide security services today that are based on designs for the future. ATLAS is committed to developing systems that utilize unique hierarchal structures of radio frequency signal transmission techniques including: satellite, GPS, GSM/GPRS and other terrestrial communications methods for security, tracking, surveillance, monitoring, and more. ATLAS makes a difference, because ATLAS systems really work.

To learn more about ATLAS and MPS, their programs, services and offerings, contact them directly by calling: U.S. 1-954-428-6880 or U.K. +44(0)1202 684686.

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